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With a rough life of moving around the world in search of his true calling, Zakir Ahmed is a young sportsman turned theater actor. Currently residing in LA, California, Zakir has already managed to play a part in nine theater productions and is currently climbing his way up to gaining roles in Indian movies and tele-productions. Zakir prides himself as being an individual with a strong moral compass and is quick to insert himself into activist roles, where he enthusiastically fights for the rights of those marginalized by society. His main goal when entering Indian media is to spread awareness and act as a voice that is not afraid to speak up against persecution.

Born in Kolkata, India, he belonged to a middle-class household who struggled with earning and managing wealth. Zakir was the firstborn child of the family and with that came responsibilities and great expectations from his parents. He always worked hard to fulfill his parents’ dreams, until he decided it is about time he followed his passions, however, this journey was not an easy one. At a very young age, he was required to include various activities in his schedule to fit in with expectations such as swimming practice, football practice, cricket practice, and taekwondo practice. At just 16, he was doing jobs to earn his bread and butter but soon quit due to it hindering his education and dreams.

But things headed for the worst when he dropped out of college and had nowhere to go, however, his father stepped in and helped him get a job and further continue his education. Soon he somewhat settled himself at 22 and was playing football and cricket for the local team. This helped Ahmed raise enough money to go to England and then later Germany, to play the game, despite his efforts he could not qualify for the first division and hence came back to his home country devastated and heartbroken. None the less, he still was not willing to give up, he quickly found some friends who were well aware of the entertainment industry and advised him to start anew in Hollywood. 

Zakir then immediately applied to The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Industry in Los Angeles where he got accepted, thus began his journey to modeling and acting. Now studying in LA, California he is living his dreams and is extremely excited to branch out further. He also has plans of permanently moving to the US claiming ‘this is the place I was always dreaming about which I never realized before’. He believes he can be himself here and lead a life which fulfills his passions and ideals. Even though it has only been a year since his professional studies, Zakir has landed many roles in a theater amongst which he describes an incident that made him realize his privilege and be thankful for his experiences. The young actor had to live with the homeless for two weeks as an attempt to get familiar with their lifestyle for a character he was supposed to play. There he learned their stories and struggles which changed his view towards life and there on became an extremely empathetic individual.

Zakir Ahmed is a very compassionate and sympathetic young man and a role model for his three thousand fans on Instagram (@mrzakirahmed). He has a very kind-hearted personality that has led him to the place he stands currently. Not only working as an actor but also a little activist he makes sure to preach and follow the right thing. His nobleness can be observed with him protecting a lady from being beaten up as well as him participating in the current ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. Such experiences have prompted him to become a motivational speaker as well where he shares his life struggles, talks about right and wrong, and promotes equality. Zakir believes that his passion, hard work, efforts, and struggles helped shape him into the man he is today and hopes to instill such motivation in his followers too. 

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