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Zachariah Rogers also known as Zachary is an American actor, writer, and musician born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is currently living in Atlanta GA where he is pursuing his dream of becoming a well-known actor. Among the many various projects he did in the past there is one that stands out. Recently, he started working with Starz on their new show called P Valley and so far it is Zachary’s most notable performance.

Working alongside well-known actors and actresses like Brandee Evans and Nicco Annan Zachary is playing a role not many actors can ease into. P valley is a show that focuses on the lives of exotic dancers and how they deal with day to day struggles. Since this show’s release on Starz it has been doing very well and all over social media people are talking about how intense it is. Zachary who plays “Nico” has gathered a large number of following on all his social media like Twitter and Instagram of 13.9k followers from his performance in P Valley alone and is now at a place he never imagined to be in.

Being in an industry where the competition among co-stars is exhausting, it is hard for newcomers to make an impact. Even though Zachary has worked in several big projects before getting booked for P Valley yet he faced great difficulty in adjusting to the constant competition. He first introduced himself to the industry through his music in 2007. Watching Michael Jackson and his iconic performances Zachary got truly inspired and decided to release music. He became a successful music writer and accomplished one of his dreams. Then in 2010, he stepped into the world of TV and Film and since then he has been working on various TV shows and films. He performed in shows and movies like Genius (2017), Shots Fired (2017), Snapped (2012), Murder Chose Me (2017), Complications (2015), The Nice Guys, My Next Sweet Day, and many more.

Even though, growing up Zachary was a shy kid and never fully expressed himself yet whenever he got an opportunity to perform or to entertain others he was always the first one to jump onto the stage. He fully and wholeheartedly expressed himself through performing art whether it was to entertain his friends with jokes or through his dance skills. As a child, he used to copy actors and his idol Michael Jackson for the sole purpose to entertain his family and friends. Everyone around him and even Zachary himself believes he was born to become an entertainer and someone who uses art to express themselves.

The amount of euphoria Zachary felt working in the industry is unmatched for him. He got to experience the kind of environment he always hoped it would be. Despite it being full of competition it was still the best place to work. Zachary learned so much and got to meet people he grew up watching. The excitement of being able to grow and to try new things in the industry is what keeps him going. Not only did he had the opportunity to work with Tyler Perry Studios but also got to polish his music writing skills. However, there were many obstacles he had to face before achieving the things he hoped to achieve. That is why he never stopped believing in himself and worked even harder than he did before. According to Zachary, the biggest challenge in life is to keep going even if it seems impossible in the first place because having faith is the key. On the other side of fears are the goals waiting to be achieved and Zachary’s determination to meet his goals took him to where he is now.

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