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Pop. Jazz. Rock. All are many loved forms of music but arguably none are more relevant nowadays than the genre of Hip Hop. To those who don’t know it, it is vastly underappreciated and swept aside as being too ‘hippy’ or old school. Hip Hop is usually described as rap music, though it’s just one component of this particular genre. Famous hip hop artists that you have probably heard of, and whose music you have probably bopped your head along to, include Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tupac, Drake, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar amongst numerous other artists. And hoping to make an impact in the industry, and remembered in the same breath as the former illustrious artists, is teenage sensation Youssof Altoukhi. Gaining a lot of traction on Instagram, he plans on dabbling in rap music as that is his passion, making original music and posting about his songs regularly, however only as a hobby.

Many of the greats of music have been touched by music from a very young age, and Youssof Altoukhi, with an Instagram handle of Y__beast and the YouTube channel Y Beast, is no different. Music has the ability to help us through so many tough circumstances, guiding us and inspire us through all stages of life. At our lowest, it can be a shoulder to cry on, and an encouraging presence when we are at our most joyous. Music identifies with many movements such as BLM going on currently, and it’s so much more than just an art, it is a way of life, defining cultures, just as hip hop originated from the Latin American and African American subcultures of the US, and encompasses so much of what those cultures have as traditions, being a representative of so many cultures across the globe. And this is a line of thinking that Youssof Altoukhi very much transcribes to.

A sign of any online presence having ‘made it’ in any industry, especially on the internet is when there are impersonating accounts made in their name, or fan pages following their exploits and careers. This is something Youssof Altoukhi has observed, and something that validated him as he considered that to be the sign that he was onto something big as if someone goes through the effort of making a fan page just going on about how great your art is, it is a moment of true achievement, and this feeling pleased Youssof Altoukhi. Another surprising motivator for Youssof Altoukhi is the number of hate comments he receives. Most people shy away from hate comments, and these hurtful comments can ruin anyone not strong enough to take such criticism. Many celebrities attribute that as the toughest part of being famous, but again this is something Youssof Altoukhi welcomes with open arms and celebrates. His positive line of thinking and strength of character is something we can all learn from! When he was asked about something interesting he had noticed, he pointed out that he was profoundly happy at finding the hate comments as it meant he was being noticed, and now that is something he has learned to just take in his stride.

In a global pandemic like the one we are mired in, music can be a truly relieving force, and Youssof Altoukhi tries to help out in the way he knows, namely singing hip hop songs. He knows that as one person he can’t make that big of a difference physically- he can’t go out and tend to patients, neither does he have mounds of money to donate. What he does know is that at the worst of times, when people hit the lowest of lows, they reach out to familiar things and that which soothes them. Thus he creates music that he hopes can help someone somewhere. With his songs garnering over thousands of views, this teenage boy is making a splash in the hip hop landscape.

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