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Many people in this world proudly claim themselves to be self-made. They are the ones who build their entire career from scratch mainly through investing all of their blood sweat and tears into it. They are the people we hear stories about and who we admire to become. These stories help people connect by allowing them to dream big and risk it all in achieving it. Tales of greatness achieved by these individuals are worth sharing, and one such individual is Waleed Sabri.

Waleed graduated from the renowned Kingston University with a degree in Business Administration and Management (B.B.A). He chose this degree because he believed it would help him achieve his dream, which he discovered while working as a car salesman. At the age of sixteen, Waleed started his career journey as a person who sold cars. Even though he became a car salesman just as a hobby, in doing so, he found himself discovering his real love and passion: sports cars. It was just that moment that Waleed decided to leave this nine to five job behind and start something on his own. It all happened in the blink of an eye for him. He was working as a car salesman a minute before and was selling cars on his own in another. It didn’t take Waleed long to properly run with his feet rather than crawling to achieve his dream. As his business progressed, he decided to expand upon discovering that the company worked best from an exclusive car showroom that one has customized to suit their business needs.

However, the journey of starting from nothing to achieving your dream isn’t a piece of cake, and Waleed knew this from the moment he took his first step on this path. Therefore, he worked all the hours that God sent to be one step closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite having myriads odds stacked up against him- being a young person of color, and started something without anyone to seek help from-, he conquered them all through the fire of burning passion for sports cars in his heart. Now, as a millennial entrepreneur, he is a proudly claimed founder of R&W motor company GB limited. Also, a proud owner of Europe’s first LB Lamborghini Aventador and a collector of several luxury and sports/classic motor cars. 

Everyone wants to know that their efforts and hardworking are paying off. It is every artist’s paradise to get recognition and opportunities from people to grow as both an individual and a businessman. It was because of Waleed’s relentless hard work that an agent approached him from Universal studios. The agent gave him an offer that he could never reject that was to host the release of the most highly anticipated movie, Fast and Furious 8. Being a massive fan of the film himself, he took this opportunity and planned to make the event extravagant and unforgettable. Thus on the day of the release, his company took a fleet of supercars- each car being better than the last one- into a local town center in Slough and made unforgettable memories with the public. To this day, memories he made that weekend are among his most cherished memories in his entire career.

To capture each moment in his journey, Waleed is very active on his Instagram account @waleedsabri_ where he lets his twelve thousand followers peek into his life and updates on new cars that he has available for future clients. The number of his followers keeps increasing just like his business because of their mutual love for cars.

‘’Find something worth dying for and live for it” is a saying that he lives his life by, and it perfectly describes his entire life choices. There is no doubt in saying he breathed these words into existence with every step that he took. He left his safe and secured nine to five jobs to risking it all to start living his dream.  Waleed makes his journey of becoming a notable self-made entrepreneur look easy, but with one look closer, you could see how it was all possible through burning candles at both ends. His story is an inspiration to all who dream the unordinary and want to achieve it despite many people telling them not to. His story is one of those that live on forever and will help many people build up the courage to follow the ‘’undone’’.

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