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VOTwear, where VOT stands for Vanguard Of all Things, is an Oslo based company that deals primarily in highly innovative smart training clothing. The brand is the first hypertrophy accelerating wear brand in the world who have paved the way for many, many others to come. VOTwear started its journey with its first product being, the ‘Hypertrophy Manual Adjustment 1’ (HTM1), which consisted of training apparel that helps a person to reach muscle hypertrophy faster and easier with lighter weights than ever recorded before in the entire history of training apparel. This also played a huge role in the future of rehab, training, and de-loading as one knows of it. This also won the award of “Invention of the Year 2019” by the UPMCA. The nest logical step after the success of HTM1 was to bring their innovative products on to the market and play a major role in the evolution of training. 

One of the minds behind VOTwear is Dr. Mehdi Ettehadulhagh, who after spending years in professional sports, gaining experience there and simultaneously graduating from medical school realised that there must and should be an easier way for a person to get stronger, bigger and faster as a person recovers. Due to his curiosity and hope, Mehdi stumbled upon blood flow restriction training and he developed the idea of creating the world’s first-ever BFR wear! It was in 2015 when he was invited to Oregon to pitch his ideas to Nike about the possibility of creating the world’s first hypertrophy accelerating wear to help a lot of people’s lives. While Nike rejected Mehdi and his colleagues’ ideas, it was only a minor setback for them. It was due to their rejection that they decided to build their brand and start their business. Thus, they started VOTwear, a start-up that focused on clothing that changes one’s genes.  

For people thinking about making it the industry like Mehdi and his colleagues did, Mehdi advises building connections with design companies as they know almost everyone in every industry as that is the common ground that is shared by everyone and that all companies need a designer at some point in their journey. It is also the way through which Mehdi, his team, and investors met. He also mentions that if one is in the need of an investor, design companies are the best bets.

Aside from looking after VOTwear, Mehdi has also opened a non-profit school for children in Eastern Europe, Romania where the primary goal is to build a sustainable, cultural sanctuary where music, language, and cultural values are taught. The school is also meant to serve as a place that is an oasis of spirituality in a place where unfortunate events take place very often. The school is named “Atelino” and keeps growing every year where the statement, “You are only remembered by the moulds you break” is held in high regard and it is repeated that conformity does not let the world change and people have to be different. To Mehdi, conformity is something that a person does not get remembered for but it is for breaking the mould.


Mehdi, along with his colleagues, did exactly that and broke the moulds of smart clothing and now are the heads of the first hypertrophy accelerating wear company in the whole world. The whole team behind VOTwear is extremely happy to announce their next steps in the evolution of training with their products that they are ready to show the world. To follow what their smart-wear start-up VOTwear, one can find them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter at the handle @votwear. They also have their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, and also on Instagram at the handle @votcast. One can also find the co-founder Dr. Mehdi Ettehadulhagh on Instagram at the handle @mehdiettehadullagh. 

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