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Tyler DeBoy is a young man completely living his dreams. While people throughout the world yearn, crave, and desire – Tyler acts, accomplishes, and achieves. He has been able to do this by brilliantly turning his job into his passion – thus he feels as if he doesn’t work at all, and only enjoys life. Tyler is a world traveler, travel agent, scuba diving master, and an elite car fanatic. Truly, he is a diverse and nuanced man who enjoys the natural as well as man-made pleasures of life to the fullest – not wasting a minute of his life to anything less than extraordinary. 

Tyler, being the clever man that he is, has turned his most loved passion for traveling into his career – through his solid and quick-thinking entrepreneurial skills. He cannot get enough of his job as his deep-rooted fondness of traveling expands into every part of his life. Thus, Tyler loves helping people arrange one of a kind and memorable vacations. He considers himself an expert in planning trips – rightfully so – as he has years and trips upon trips of knowledge and wisdom to pass onto his clients. Through his strong social media prowess, Tyler has also attained many promotions and sponsorships by travel companies online. 


Intertwined with his traveling, Tyler is a very adventurous person – a daredevil almost – as he fearlessly engages in activities and sports that may deeply frighten many others. One of his favorite sports is to explore our vast and mysterious oceans through scuba diving. Tyler loves to immerse himself in the underwater world. Scuba diving expands the human mind as one comes to see and undergo experiences anything like our man-made cities or structures – it forces one in a state of vulnerability as they are no longer the top of the food chain – thus making them much humbler and understanding of fierce mother nature. Diving has consumed Tyler in the best way possible as through it, he has gained friends from all walks of life, as well as having started training others how to dive to share this love with others also. 

Moreover, Tyler is an avid car lover. He often fixes up cars in need of repair just to brush up on his automotive knowledge in his past time. He also thoroughly enjoys elite cars and recently bought himself a BMW z4. This marks for Tyler a big accomplishment to own a car at such a young age – while many of his peers are unable to do so. It shows Tyler’s dedication and seriousness to his work and his desire to stand on his own two feet very early on in life. Besides cars, he is also fond of large trucks and RV’s. 

Tyler truly is a people’s person. He loves spending quality time with his friends and family and participates in fun group activities with his loved ones. He does this through a variety of ways including cooking up a delectable storm for a barbeque, or go out with friends and enjoy a drink together in a bar, or have a relaxing time with loved ones at the beach. Even more, Tyler is a very generous person and takes care of injured animals whenever he can. All this goes to show how much of a giving, caring and loving person Tyler is, as he aims to make others around him happy whenever he can. 

Furthermore, Tyler loves engaging with his following of over 1500 people on Instagram. He does this through a variety of posts relating to his scuba diving – through posting images and videos of his underwater explorations, as well as his travels abroad to Greece, Germany, and other countries, and his love for fixing and buying cars. Tyler DeBoy seems to embody the definition of a diverse and well-traveled man. To continue to follow along with Tyler and his unique adventures, his social media links have been provided below: 


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