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Trey Harvey is a renowned bodybuilder, fitness influencer, and a United States Army Soldier from Fort Meade, Maryland. He has been in the US military since 2004 and has been serving for the past fifteen years. He started his BS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University in 2014. Trey is extremely passionate about fitness and sports. He spends a lot of time at the gym, working out and staying in top physical shape. He also enjoys playing sports such as basketball and skateboarding.

As he is so passionate about fitness and working out, Trey makes a concentrated effort to motivate other people to live a healthier life, make good lifestyle choices, and exercise regularly as well. He has garnered an extensive online community that he guides. He posts his workout videos, showing them the correct techniques and regimens, one needs to follow to get the best results. He believes that one needs commitment and dedication, as well as due hard work to be their best selves.

Several companies have recognized the great work that he’s doing and as a result, Trey has collaborated with some leading fitness brands.  He has partnered up with REDCON1, is the fastest growing sports supplement company in history as well as Pamcakes’ Pancakes, a brand that sells nutritious protein-packed pancake mixes. He only promotes brands and businesses that he has used and trusts personally and he often gives his followers promotional and referral discounts.

He likes to keep things positive and upbeat, but his journey as a fitness influencer has not been a bed of roses. Like many other influencers putting themselves out there, Trey too had to face trolls and haters, who would spew hatred and negativity on his posts. He has had to report over twenty fake profiles of people that were pretending to be him. It had gotten so bad that the people who were scammed by the fake profiles made a police report against him. But he did not let the haters get to him, he persevered and continues to put forward useful and authentic content for his loyal followers while brushing off all the haters.

Trey is very active on various social media platforms and can be found on Instagram under @trey_fit_life. He has close to ten thousand dedicated followers that are inspired by him every day. Trey is constantly on a mission to lead a healthy and fulfilling life and he shares his fitness and personal journey with his followers. He recently cut out meat from his diet and went full vegetarian. He has kept his followers updated about this change in his lifestyle to educate them.

He can also be found on YouTube under Quick Workouts with Trey Harvey where he has put up some of his longer fitness videos. Trey is an incredibly humble and down to earth person and believes in giving back to the people who have shown him love and support. He has made a concentrated effort to help out his followers who are on their entrepreneurial journey by offering to buy from their businesses to show them how much he appreciates their continuous support on his social media platforms.

It takes a great amount of hard work, passion, and most importantly discipline and consistency to become a successful bodybuilder and fitness influencer on top of being in the army! Trey’s commitment to his passion, his work ethic, and the sacrifices that he has made to pursue his profession can be easily seen. Despite the challenges he has faced, he has persisted and continues to motivate people to live healthier lives and get into shape. Trey puts his heart and soul into everything that he does and it shows in his work, and as he continues to work with determination and tenacity, he is bound to find even more success in the future.

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