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Life has interesting twists and turns associated with it. You start with a path that may or may not have a clear destination and you end up somewhere completely different from the point of inception. Then there are instances where it seems like the entire world wants you to go in a different direction, change your path, re-evaluate your life choices, but through sheer determination, perseverance, and the ability to stay optimistic despite whatever wrenches life may throw in your works, is something only those who are truly strong from within can strive to achieve.

David Kency, known more commonly by his stage name Tre Styles, is an actor and performer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Staying active in the acting industry for a whopping eleven years now, Tre has left a mark with his passionate skills and talent for effortlessly executing any character or challenge thrown in his way. Having made appearances in projects the likes of NCIS, S.W.A.T, Lethal Weapon, Treme, Underground, and an endless list that proceeds from here, Tre is no stranger to complex roles and the nuances required to portray their inner turmoil and emotions. Tre’s acting repertoire has the potential to contest most others’ with its unparalleled character diversity.

Since the tender age of five, Tre knew that he had found his calling in the acting industry, his love for the performing arts coupled with his love to express his talents for an audience-led him to realize and set out to pursue his dream without fear of scrutiny. It was a brave first step, one that brought Tre to the path he had always wanted to pursue. The road wasn’t without its ups and downs, but Tre also wasn’t the type to give up easily. He strived to leave his mark in the industry, and he made sure it happened.

Out of all the interesting experiences and anecdotes that Tre encountered throughout his eleven year-long acting career, perhaps the most memorable one was his interview with the former writer for Times-Picayune, Dave Walker. Tre mentioned how liberating that interview turned out to be for him, it was like an opportunity for him to finally be in his element. The interviewer ensured that Tre was at ease and that the proceedings were conducted without a hitch. After its conclusion, Tre remarked that he felt like an actual Hollywood star; a celebrity.

If you were to look at all that Tre has managed to achieve throughout his career, you’d be thoroughly impressed. However, what is more, impressive and even inspirational, is Tre’s fight against his deteriorating health. Diagnosed with Lupus ―an auto-immune disease that impacts the body’s immune system― in 2007, and enduring complicated procedures and treatments for his recovery, Tre considers it a blessing and a miracle that he is alive and happy today, pursuing his love for what he had always wanted to do his entire life. It’s a beautifully remarkable feat, one that needs to be lauded, for Tre’s unwavering strength.

According to Tre, if you’re doing what you love, it shouldn’t matter whether it lives up to the expectations of society and those around you. Personal satisfaction is always primary. If you have faith in your abilities, you will never be out of opportunities. It’s only a matter of patience, doing your best, and leaving the rest up to fate. What’s meant to be yours will always reach you through mysterious, and sometimes unconventional means. What remains is learning to be content with what you have as you strive to work harder towards your goals.

Tre Styles is active on social media, where he can be easily approached by fans wanting to get a better glimpse of his eventful life. The interesting variety of characters he has portrayed over the years, as well as his daily proceedings. To find out more information about this amazingly talented man, be sure to check out his Twitter and specifically Instagram account: @actingstyles.

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