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A woman is curious by her instinct to be unique. Curiosity is a motivational drive that leads to a vigorous effort to achieve a goal. Tina Mir is a superbly unique self-motivated girl who has a high need, thirst, or desire for being high-flying. Tina Mir is an Accounting Graduate. She has twisted her career from a dry and boring accounting field to a very charismatic field of the fashion industry where she could get an opportunity to explore and excel in her career more rapidly than ever. Tina Mir has ancestors in India and lives in Atlanta, United States. 

Tina Mir focused her career in runway fashion modeling and attained very loud applause from the audience since her first live performance on stage in the Atlanta Symphony Hall in the USA.  She is an enchanting girl indeed. She is modeling for Haute’ couture that is made to be an art in the fashion industry, and to convey the mood of the designer’s collection, and to be over the top. And just like art, it doesn’t have to be pretty or useful or stylish, or even good. The fashion industry has a remarkably complex and vain structure. Runway fashion shows are attention-getters perhaps but the performers have to do their job devotedly as Tina Mir has done and excelled in this industry. She has made her place not only in the designer’s minds rather in their hearts. She has magnificently pursued a  way to show how the design piece looks if worn, how would it look in different styles, and with different looks.

Tina Mir has broadened her horizons in a professional career from Modeling to Dancing, fitness instructor to beauty contestant. She was crowned as Miss India Georgia 2017. She has more than five years of experience in runway modeling for renowned fashion shows, performing for catalog photo-shoots. While working on the ramp, she got offers for music and dance videos. She has joined Lifetime Fitness Center as a Certified Fitness Trainer where she gives fitness and dance classes. Being so positive and enthusiastic trainer she wants to spread the love and positivity among her students. She feels it as a social obligation to promote people who have the urge to outshine in their careers. 

Well, sometimes designers want to show their fun, whimsical, and creative side. Runway shows are at times an extension of the designer’s personality. Tina Mir comes from a multicultural family, where her mother’s side is Indian and her father’s side is Persian i.e. Iran.  Besides this, she is living in a western country subsequently giving a versatile look in fashion shows. She loves her Indian culture so much that she has always stayed involved with it. Once she carries Indian Haute’ couture, she gives explicitly Indian traditional look. Mir has crowned the second runner up in Mrs. India Georgia 2016 pageant and earned the title Miss Beautiful Hair. Tina Mir has a mesmerizing body figure and knack to carry elegant designer wear to inspire people about the latest fashion and updates on the newest trends. Runway shows are theatrics for the models and performers.

Her biggest passions are acting and modeling. She has participated in fashion runway shows, magazine photoshoots, and music videos. She is blessed that she will soon pursue her acting career in Bollywood by accepting movie offers from Mumbai production companies. She is meant to catch the eye of everyone there and get some pictures in the press. Tina Mir has done her job in such an alluring way that has won many hearts by carrying both eastern and western attire pretty awesomely.

Tina Mir’s blue eyes are so captivating and charming in her music videos and ramp walk. She has one pretty face with multiple looks. She is draped for Venkat Kuttua Studios and Celestial Pehnawa USA covering their couture collections for summer, winter, fall, and occasional dresses. She is associated with the most admired studios like Simran’s Designer studio, they have a top-class model portfolio, serving to Indian- American families. She is admired pretty much in Bridal shows.  Tina Mir has very nice followers and fans on her Instagram ( and Facebook (

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