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101265408_3159659560811826_5525655857003265614_nTim Barnes, born on July 7, 1998, is an ambitious and multi-talented rookie from Matteson on The Chi for the Official Basketball Association (OBA). He may be a rookie, but this one-in-a-million kid is making history at just 22 years old through the power of perseverance.

The Southland College Preparatory Charter High School graduate made history thereby becoming the best statistical player the school had ever seen once he had joined the team as co-captain. He holds the record for 1,017 points, 542 assists and three-pointers made for his career as a player there. Barnes is also the first and only student-athlete of Southland College Prep to have received an athletic as well as an academic scholarship.

Ron Anderson, Southland College Prep’s college counselor stated that most schools wanted to recruit him for his academic performance but it is a bonus point to have someone who can play basketball as well and without a doubt, he is certainly right. Barnes truly has the capability of being an ideal student.

However, in August, Barnes did have to suffer an injury right before his last season. After his knee surgery, doctors told him he would not be able to play basketball. Little did they know, Barnes was a fighter who placed his faith in the Lord and was supported throughout by his family and teammates. With perseverance, he played as a guard for the last season. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that Barnes’s moto is “perseverance”.

After graduating, Barnes committed to an academic scholarship at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin in April 2016 to continue his career as a basketball player and to pursue his dreams for the business. Though he did not get a full athletic scholarship there because Beloit College competes as an NCAA Division III school. Tim states that he is very grateful for his time at Beloit because there he learnt how to be a great player.

He went on to play for two years with the Buccaneers until November of 2018 when he announced on Instagram that he would have to renounce the remainder of his college time and go on to pursue a professional career. After seeing the friendly environment and elite-level talent at The Chi camp, Barnes signed a pro deal with The Chi’s.

His high-level scoring ability and excellent range made him a fan favorite. Not only that, but he proved that just because he’s a rookie doesn’t mean he can’t reach higher heights. Barnes became the first-ever rookie of his team to achieve the Rookie of the Year award and made history yet again. The Chi’s being a team known for not playing their rookies, Barnes became the youngest starter in the history of the team at just 20 years old.

In November 2018, Barnes hosted his first-ever camp “Tim Barnes Skills Camp”. The three-day camp took place at Huth Middle School in Matteson with over 50 campers participating. All proceeds were donated to Southland College Prep, his former high school.

In an interview with Hoops Daily Magazine’s July 2019 edition, Barnes stated that he has not exactly planed what he will be doing once his contract with The Chi’s is over. However, his focal priority at the moment is how to be the best player for his team and lead them to victory. Being a reigning rookie has gained him a lot of attention from multiple scouts overseas but Barnes plans to stay home and continue the leading position his team has granted him for as long as a year.

While he was the co-captain of his team at high school, Barnes attended a three-week leadership course at the University of Illinois which introduced him to many business organizations in Chicago. Barnes states that during his time there, he made life-long bonds with some important people and he will forever be grateful for his time at the University of Illinois.

Barnes has expressed interest in business since he was ten years old. His father is a graphic designer and has been an inspiration to Barnes ever since.

Barnes says that sports marketing is his main emphasis but if that doesn’t happen, his horizons as a professional player are still wide. As a matter of fact, Tim is eligible for the NBA Draft of 2020.

Barnes is not just an athletic prodigy, his academic and intellectual skills are highly impressive as well. He was a member of the student council and captain of the cross-country team. Moreover, he is also a member of the National Honor Society.

His ability to immerse perseverance in his career and personal life and the ability to accept his fate has been influenced by the church. Hence, Barnes has been a Sunday school teacher at Believer’s Church in Matteson for the past two years, passing on his ability to stay calm and ecstatic during all life situations into the youth.

Barnes says he owes his success to his parents. He says that his mom is his hero who sacrificed so much for him. Barnes’s dad placed the basketball in his hand at a young age and set up a hoop for him so that he wouldn’t wander around the streets in a negative company. This is surely one of the reasons why Barnes is not only a talented young lad but also a humble, kind, and out-going human who strives to serve humanity.

Barnes is currently partnered with a number of brands, including McDavid USA, The Hooplife Brand, Gasavio, and Powerhandz. Barnes says that he wants to get verified on Instagram and the reason being that many fake accounts pretending to be him, have been circulating around spreading incorrect news about him. Being verified would help his fans stay connected to him safely while getting the correct updates about his career. Many kids look up to him and Barnes considers it his responsibility to continue his authenticity even on social media platforms. You can find Tim on Instagram @timthehooper Twitter: @Tim_TheHooper. Any other account besides this is a fake account so please prevent any contact with those accounts.

Tim’s story is truly remarkable and is an excellent example that you can achieve anything with perseverance and an uphill struggle. He wasn’t even able to make it to his middle school team but by believing in his abilities and placing his faith in the Lord’s timing, he is now a basketball prodigy and role model. We wish Tim Barnes good luck for his future endeavors and we hope to see him playing at the NBAs making us all proud! Kudos to Tim for being an excellent role model for today’s youth!

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