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Digital creators are individuals that assist with the success of online content creators on various social media platforms. They provide an array of services that include photo + video shooting, editing, marketing, and promotion to name a few. Similarly, Tim Maier is a digital creator and the CEO of a company called ‘Brand Boosting’ ( providing services that mainly help with promotion and marketing. Hailing from a country of poets and thinkers; Germany, Tim is a dedicated and devoted young entrepreneur focusing on a niche that caters to his interests as well. Since a very young age, he has found interest in everything digital, ranging from photography to video making and editing. Furthermore, this passion even followed him along to school and thus was the start of a very fruitful career. Now, as a result of his previous success, Tim went on to be a widely recognized personality as a professional in his field and is even renowned for his marketing tips and tricks as well as his photo and video production services.

After graduating from school Tim began his career as a digital creator by launching a very basic business dedicated to the photo and video sector. Utilizing his camera handling skills, he used his talents to provide services to clients and tried to make a name for himself in the industry. As an attempt to expand the business, he branched out to e-commerce services where he realized his interests in digital marketing. He now wanted to use his talents to help out other businesses and organizations to ‘leap into the digital world’. And thus ‘Brand Boosting’ was born – a company focused on providing automated services to its clients.

Brand Boosting aims to help its clientele to digitalize themselves and help them keep up with the fast and ongoing trends. Their mission is to provide support to businesses and make it easier for them to enter such a stage of development with their team of young, ‘digital natives’. These individuals want to lend their expertise in an attempt to help with increasing sales, creating designs, and promoting business. With an array of services, their most utilized ones include development (involves the designing of applications, websites, and software), e-commerce (involves consultation on how to launch an online store or how to get affiliated with already established e-businesses such as Amazon), online marketing and photo and video services.

Tim Maier is a highly qualified young entrepreneur who has various certifications helping him validate his achievements. Having various Google Ads certifications (search marketing, video advertising and performance analysis) helps assist him in the marketing part of the services offered by the business. He also has a Google Analytics – Individual Qualification which revolves around ‘planning and principles, implementation and data acquisition, configuration and administration, conversion and attribution as well as reports, metrics, and attributes.’ These abundances of qualifications help him have a strong reputation amongst competitors and attracts further clientele due to the expertise held in the industry.

Having over a thousand followers on Instagram, Tim is a very avid user of the application and uses it as a platform to promote himself and his business. Being a digital creator, he experiments with his skills on his social media and produces content that may potentially act as a sample for future customers. Maier also has a Facebook (@timmaier97) and Youtube (@TimMaier) account where he posts tutorials for various editing applications to help those interested in gaining a new skill. He aims to build a platform where people can easily have access to information and make use of such things to benefit themselves.

As a very passionate individual, he wants to inspire others through his journey as well. His basic motto is not to give up, he wants not only his followers but his employees as well to work hard and only look at what the future may hold for them. His social media is a great example of his selfless personality where he is always willing to share his knowledge with others and hopefully inspire them to do something big.

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