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Living in a big city is a goal many people set for themselves. People who live in cities, without a doubt, have an easier life when it comes to accessibility of commodities as well as have a more diverse culture. There are different communities and one gets to experience a wealth of opportunities. On the other hand, life can seem more stressful owing to the crowdedness and the fact that expenses become greater. 

Life in small towns and villages is simpler, less rowdy, and more peaceful in that regard. Though the career opportunities and the chance to experience a more diverse lifestyle is inevitably lesser, small-town life has its unique charms and perks. There are quite a few small towns across the world that have become tourist attractions owing to their quaintness, soothing aesthetic, and closeness to nature. One such town is Sosúa located in the Dominican Republic.

The residents of Sosúa enjoy the scenic beauty of their town. They grow up around one of the most beautiful beaches whose beauty is unrivaled by any other beach on the north coast. The breathtaking sunsets morph into starry night skies and pleasantly breezy weather.  


The people of Sosúa are warm, welcoming, and their hospitality is unmatched. Every tourist that has ever visited sings their praises and wants to keep going back. Other than the obvious beauty, Sosúa has much more to offer. The locals are brilliant chefs and food connoisseurs. This is reflected in the local restaurant scene that includes eateries that serve a wide variety of cuisines ranging from typical Dominican cuisine to German or Italian.

The residents of this beautiful town decided to promote it, as they wanted the world to see the slice of heaven that they call home. It is often stereotyped that small-towners are not as cultured and socially aware as those living in big cities, but that is a stereotype that the people of Sosúa defy. In the age of technology, all the information in the world is available at the tap of a button. The people of Sosúa are no strangers to environmental issues and global warming, and as people who pride themselves on being close to nature, they decided to play their part in trying to preserve it.

A few youths from Sosúa started an Instagram page dedicated to promoting life in Sosúa called @thegoodlifesosua. Titled “Sosúa’s Lifestyle Magazine”, the page has published stories and pictures related to the history and current life in the town. It is a great way for not only locals to connect with the people managing the page, but also for outsiders and tourists to find out more about life in Sosúa. They started their cleanliness drive after a local reached out to them about his concern towards the fact that trash in causing damage to their area. 

Hence, the started their cleanup initiative called “Sosúa Limpia”. They are currently working alongside the local government and already managed to recruit over 50 people to participate in the cause. A brilliant point to note is that the local government is fully participating in this cause. And since the local government is composed of the people living in the town itself, it says a lot about the kind of compassionate people that live there.

As more and more people began to visit Sosúa, the locals started a store that sells high-quality merch such as hats, t-shirts, and more products all made out of environmentally friendly, locally-sourced materials. They also hold events that make people more aware of the eco-system and how it is being damaged, and all these events are in collaboration with the town hall. 

Sosúa seems like the perfect place to plan one’s next vacation. If the gorgeous beach with delectable food, and the kind, hospitable people isn’t incentive enough, they also hold giveaways offering a free weekend stay at their hotel! There seem to be absolutely no downsides to visiting Sosúa, only perks.

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