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Tatau Brand is a unique and unmatched clothing brand that has set itself apart from the cliché fashion wear of today’s time. It has impressively managed to do this by taking inspiration from thousands of centuries-old designs and expertly incorporating them into their garments and accessories. Tatau Brand clothing company was founded by Toloai Letuli in San Diego, California during the winter of the year 2003. The brand has been successfully thriving for well over a decade. It is currently based in Chula Vista, California.

The word “Tatau” was first originated in the eighteenth century from the Samoans. The literal meaning of the word is “to mark”. To the company, it was a distinct and fascinating concept that they felt had been not picked up by many and was somewhat neglected as the years went by. They decided to adopt the rich cultural history of Samoan tattooing and take it a level higher by integrating it into modern fashion.

What sets Tatau Brand apart from the rest of the mainstream brands is that what some may call savage land, they call paradise. They firmly believe in the highest quality clothing inspired by the rich history and the blood of the tattoo. They claim that “Our past is NOT just dancing and flowers. Journey with Tatau as we bring Tattoos, Warfare and other traditions to life through Original Tatau Brand.” Back in 2003 when they first started, they quickly realized the dire need for a clothing line that would represent the importance of the roots of the “Tatau” and the significance of its markings. The quality of their clothing was primarily based upon and inspired by the tattoo culture of all the exotic islands along the coasts of the Pacific.

The Tatau brand beautifully merges traditional Polynesian motifs and artistic designs in their various products. The main reason for this inclusion is the fact that Polynesia is where the Tattoo “Tatau” was first discovered. The company provides a vast variety of products that can be easily used in ones’ daily routine life. Their store has athletic wear as well as baby clothes and everything in between. They stock the trendiest windbreaker jackets, compactable flasks, the most comfortable jerseys’, the coolest sunglasses, the cutest baby onesies, and everything you could ever need.


Tatau Brand can also be found on several social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where they have gained thousands of organic followers over the years. On Instagram @tataubrand they have very impressively managed to garner a massive following of over thirty-five and a half thousand followers. They are extremely proud of the fact that they have gathered this huge following through grassroots. They post very regularly and love to engage with their followers. Their followers are kept up to date with the information about the latest collection releases and restock of the brand. They are exceptionally dedicated to their customers and they repost tons of pictures of them making good use of their products. They are immensely grateful to their customers for their continued support for the brand and its cause.

Over the last seventeen years, Tatau Brand has faced several problems as well and it has not always been a bed of roses for them. They have faced various issues including copyright infringement and plagiarism. On numerous occasions, many different brands have stolen their original designs and marketed them as their own. The brand itself gives opportunities to different artists to show their individuality through their art and then uses those designs in their highest quality original clothing.

Tatau Brand family have built their firm foundation on finding strength through their unwavering faith in God and the continued support from their family. They work tirelessly to ensure that the end product that reaches their customers is the best of the best. They hope to continue being blessed and remain humbled by the endless support of their customers. To know more about Tatau Brand you can check out their Instagram @tataubrand or visit their shop

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