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Cinematography is an art that, beyond the technological know-how, it requires patience, loyalty, and a visceral understanding of the people on set. To be a cinematographer is to know how to deal with your surroundings, environment, and all those interacting within it, all with the use of visual language. And while all the hard work of those on-screen is resting on your shoulders, cinematographers need to be humble enough to forego internet fame and attention which should be an otherwise obvious perk for capturing the culmination of raw talent encapsulated by everyone else on and off-screen. Thus is the embodiment of a great cinematographer, perfectly captured in Tamer Ahmed Hussain Gahed.

Born in 1985 in Cario, Egypt, Tamer Ahmed Hussain Gahed more commonly known as Tamer Gahed is an Egyptian-Turkish Independent Filmmaker and Cinematographer. A self-proclaimed mastermind, Tamer received his education in film from the School of Film Making and Production.

Tamer’s love for film making came to him as naturally as his talent to impress. His love for cinema started when he was still in high school and working as a freelancer for the Tarek Nour advertising in Cairo. From there on his infatuation with the film only grew and his passion for video production landed him in Moscow, Russia. There he worked with RusTv – a music channel for television. His journey to prominence further grew as he scored a job with Publinet, a part of Publicis Groupe and moved to Dubai to create content for International brands, namely: Sony’s Play Station division, Ferrero Rocher, NYX Cosmetics, Dior, Sephora, Google, Phillip Morris, Lexus, Cinnabon, and Nespresso to name a few. After gaining notoriety within the community, Tamer decided to take the risk and pursue his interests in music and fashion, joining world-leading magazines such as GQ, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Conde Nast Traveller. His talents were further brought to light in 2018 when he won the Best Video Award during the Dubai Art Season. 

Amongst his very busy schedule Tamer shares a very memorable experience where he had to work nonstop and give his best but despite the very hard work, he enjoyed the adventure. The young cinematographer scored an opportunity to work with TAG Heuer – a luxury brand for watches. Shooting required vigorous labor, where all workers were required to film in twelve hours from five different locations. Despite the tight schedule, everything went smoothly and the advertisement was a huge success garnering over a million views in just a week. This massive achievement just goes on to highlight the devotedness and dedication of the talented director. 

Currently, Tamer resides in Dubai where he aims to work with more young talents and artists to polish up their skills and bring them to prominence by setting them up on the big stage. But his goodwill does not end there, a passionate advocate for human rights; Tamer openly speaks about discrimination and atrocities happening all over the world. Recently, commenting on the bombings in Lebanon and even making a video to help spread awareness on the issue as well as clearly stating his stance for the Black Lives Matter movement in America. Tamer is always on top of social issues and not afraid of speaking out against that which is wrong. 

Tamer Gahed is an avid social media user, an imperative platform for those working in this particular field. Social networking sites such as Instagram (@tamergahed), Facebook (@el.tamer), and Twitter (@ElTamerG) not only help him promote himself but also act as a source of communication with potential clients. Gahed also has a website ( which acts as a sort of visual gallery showcasing his work for audiences to view and enjoy. He wants to create a simple and easily navigatable environment for his fans and customers so that communication can be made easier and appointment processes can flow smoothly. His followers play a major role in his success and hence, aims to give them back in any way he can, using his specialties. 

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