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Stuart Watkins is a renowned public figure who has several businesses that he owns as well aside from running an extremely popular podcast. Watkins hosts incredibly well-known guests on his podcast which include David Wolfe, Ram Dass, Michael Klim along with many, many more. Above all, Watkins is a yoga instructor, a holistic life coach, and a health and wellness expert who offers fascinating programs on the topics of spiritual awakening, growth, and development of individuals as well as a society all across the world. Watkins is best known for his highly inspirational and unique way in which he teaches which leaves people to spell bounded. What makes his teaching and content different from anyone else’s is the technique he uses to incorporate both eastern, spiritual technologies, and theories into western developmental techniques to achieve a mix for his thoughts on psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and transformation.

Watkins makes sure to make all of his content as accessible as possible so that the maximum amount of people can benefit from his research and work. He welcomes people from all walks of life, of all ages, gender, race, and nationalities to take part in an incredibly spiritual experience which will leave them transformed into better versions of themselves. Watkins focuses on this through yoga. To engage in Watkin’s content, he makes sure to let on early that no one needs an existing experience in yoga and that no matter what a person’s experience in yoga is, they can still benefit from Watkin. Watkin incorporates his research in Vinyasa Flow, Akhanda Yoga, life coaching, and formal fitness training to create a supportive, healthy, and healing environment that makes sure that every person in it achieves their personal goals regarding transformation. His own teaching style is completely raw, honest, filled with compassion that makes people willingly want to work harder on themselves through yoga and transform their daily lives. 

Despite all of his own research and the amount of time Watkins has put into his work, he makes sure to acknowledge the sources of wisdom and knowledge he has had that gives him the ability to bring the knowledge forward. Watkins has worked and studied with masterful instructors that lead the world with their wise traditions. Ram Dass is the author of the famous book on spirituality, yoga, and meditation, Be Here Now, amongst many others. Ram Dass has remained Watkin’s primary teacher who Watkins is so grateful to have been able to spend so much of his time with him on Maui at Ram Dass’ feet where he learnt from him. 

Yogrishi Vishvketu, the famous Himalayan yoga master and the founder of Akhanda Yoga and Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, is another one of Watkins’ instructors who have had a huge impact on his life and has directly influenced the way he teaches yoga and meditation. Other teachers that Watkin continues to study with and look up to are Sally Kempton, Tara Judelle, Lama Surya Das, Ken Wilber, and Mark Whitwell. 

Throughout his life, Watkins has established that he is and will always be a student of life as it continues to teach him new things every single day. He emphasizes that yoga is not just an activity that one does but shows how we, humans, are just small pieces in the big puzzle of life and yoga helps us fit into the puzzle better. He appreciates all that yoga has done for him. It is through that he has been able to travel all around the world, run retreats and help more people fit into the puzzle of life, meet these incredible people and study with them as he did with Ram Dass. 

Stuart Watkins continues to spread his word about yoga in many ways including an app. He is currently working on one which will help yoga reach many more people. The app will be called ‘Yoga Heart Mind’. One can follow the developments surrounding the app and Watkin’s work and projects on the Instagram pages: @yoga_heart_min and @stuart_watkins_.

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