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Stephen Navaretta is the name his family and friends call him to by, however, to the rest of the world he is Brooklyn Tank. All notable athletes and celebrities regard Brooklyn as one of the best fitness trainers in the world. He is also a well-accomplished athlete, who now has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. He is a brilliant man, with great determination and someone who wakes up to become a better version of himself every single day. He has appeared on television multiple times and is well known on the internet as his influence on social media platforms flourishes. Stephen works hard and is a generous man who wants to spread his knowledge of training and fitness to others in need. He values health over everything, as it’s the one thing that accompanies us throughout our life. If we treat our bodies with respect and love, the body in return produces fruitful results. That is what Stephen’s plan is; promote healthy choices and train people on how to let go of the bad habits that will only degenerate the person in the long run.

Stephen’s new business is called the Tank Method; a program designed for catering people interested in bodyweight training and desire to generate more muscle in the body.  He has devoted his life to creating a training system that centers on bodyweight exercises to change a person’s health and body completely. The program consists of various challenges, weekly workouts, and nutrition plans. The dietary plans and challenges change according to the client’s level and progress during the program that is monitored as well. The application has many features including questions, videos, workout live streams, progress trackers, and proper updated health data. The nutrition plan includes tips and tactics, grocery listing, meal plans, and an eating account. The best part of the training sessions is that they are just for one dollar for the first thirty days, and afterward, the fee structure changes according to the personal requirements of the client.

Stephan has always loved helping people every chance he gets in life. Upon seeing people reach their goals is a lovely image to capture and take home. Stephan regards helping others as the best way to live life and attain that beautiful feeling one feels after doing the good deed. According to Stephan, he didn’t choose this career path; it came to him. In 2011, he faced an injury on his back while on his previous job. He was in the traffic safety service and was hit by a car while driving the work vehicle. He ended up with a severe wound and required surgery to be better. Although the doctor recommended surgery, Stephan felt he was too young and opted for physical therapy against his doctor’s recommendation.  Fortunately, this resulted in the best decision Stephan made in his life! He recovered in eight months and was back on his feet. The secret to his recovery was the hollow forearm planks that saved Stephan’s back and brought him back to normalcy. This is the story that made Stephan inclined towards fitness and start his bodyweight journey, which now has transformed his life and career completely.

Stephan has an Instagram with over 300 thousand followers and a huge impact in the circle of athletes and celebrities. His methods and body transformation inspire people daily and their response highlights the effectiveness of his advice. His Instagram features his pictures, updates of workouts, plans, and daily information regarding his program and clients. He is valued as someone with great skills in calisthenics and bodyweight training. He also did a show on ABC network called ‘America Ninja Warrior’. Stephan regards it as his best experience in life because he did a small obstacle course for children and educated them about health. If you have any queries and want to check out his work, use the username brooklyntank718 and begin your journey of fitness.

Stephan advises every reader should exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. This will lead to many excellent healthy decisions in life. Everyone’s goal should be to become healthy, young, strong, and stand tall and powerful even in their seventies.

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