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Latin country-pop is a genre of music derived from different categories of rhythms such as reggaeton, dancehall, and country-pop with guitars, banjos, and dobros acting as the main instruments used to produce such melodies. Country-pop Latino acts as a platform for Latin artists to narrate their stories through their lyrics and makes it easier to connect with people from the same ethnicity. Developed by Stefano Manrique, its progression started in early 2019 between Columbia and the United States. This particular style of music abetted Stefano in his rediscovery and helped him accept his Latin identity openly and proudly. From then on he has been working hard to spread and promote country-pop Latin amongst his followers with the release of various songs related to the genre.

Stefano Manrique’s journey began with his participation in The Voice Columbia in 2014, although a very talented and harmonious singer he was unable to win the show. Disappointed but not willing to give up, he stood up back again and put his all until he accomplished his dreams. With vigorous training and hard work, he was able to recover from his defeat and further went on to make a strong name for himself in the music industry. Now Stefano is a well-established singer, songwriter, and producer proudly representing the country-pop Latin genre, which is heavily influenced by him through the contribution of his ideas. 

Making his debut in 2015, he started his career by singing tv show and film soundtracks which proved to be very successful having garnered over thousands of views on each. These initial few years of singing osts (original soundtracks) were very crucial for Manrique as he slowly made his way to the top in the journey to make a name for himself. In 2020 he finally made plans to release music independently without being associated with any movie or tv show. His first song was released on 14th May 2020 titled ‘Contando Los Segundos’ and in just a few months it was able to gather around two hundred and seven thousand views. His next and latest work was released on 11th August 2020 and in just 24 hours there were a massive thirty-four thousand views on the music video. 

Stefano’s list of achievements doesn’t just end there, he has a Spotify account (@Stefano Manrique) where he is not only recognized as a verified artist but also has around one hundred and five thousand monthly singers. He is also a renowned soundtrack singer in his country which has led him to be nominated twice by the ‘TV y Novelas’ award show. Alongside this, he has also been nominated for ‘Latin Grammys’ and the ‘India Catalina Awards’ once respectively. Manrique’s talents have also helped him participate in many musical productions for other artists, tv-series, and films. It’s due to his uniqueness and dedication to his work that he was able to accomplish so much in such little time. 

The young singer, songwriter, and producer can be contacted through various social media platforms however is most active on Instagram (@stefanomanrique), all the while having twenty-two thousand followers. He makes sure that he communicates with his fans regularly to maintain a sort of family-like connection with them. Manrique also has a Twitter (@stefanomanrique) and Facebook (@stefanomusicofficial) also used to be in touch with his followers and keep them updated about new and upcoming music releases. Aside from social media platforms, he is also active on Spotify, Soundcloud (@stefanomanriquemusic), and Shazam (@stefano-manrique) where he constantly puts out his newest melodies and shares his work with the fans. 

Currently working on his first album, Stefano is aiming to integrate the Latin country-pop concept in his new music while hoping to highlight his strong vocals. He wants to be the ‘one of a kind’ in the new genre and is planning to put out fresh, original, and new content in the market. He hopes to have a successful album release, having put in so much hard work and commitment to it. Stefano credits his fans and family for helping him achieve so much in life and is extremely grateful for what he has been able to accomplish as of yet and more to come. 

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