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Modeling is an extremely difficult occupation in its requirements. Any model, be them rookies or experienced, must be able to either convey a series of complex emotions, sell a product and make it look as attractive as possible without stealing its spotlight, or even just make the viewer feel what they feel in the pose. This needs to be done while often being uncomfortable, confused, or even overworked. It is a demanding profession and one that is extremely taxing. It demands models to be in their absolute best shape during shoots, be able to cooperate with directors, and translate a lot of complex ideas in a single shot. It puts an insane amount of pressure on an individual and takes sheer determination and discipline to be able to even venture into the industry.

Modeling is far from being a regular occupation, as it demands a completely changed and balanced lifestyle. Perhaps it is the nuances of modeling that make it an overall difficult occupation, but also what makes models or individuals hoping to follow that career path so admirable. Stepping into such an industry surely takes a lot of courage, especially when you’re only a hopeful and don’t know much about the inner workings of it.

As daunting as it can be, Sikander Kalal is one such individual who took the brave step to test the waters and see if the modeling industry was for him. Originally hailing for Chandigarh in India, Sikander is currently based in Dubai. He works as a freelance model amongst other things and has done well to adapt and fit into the industry while not losing sight of his other interests. His main social media platform is Instagram (@Sikander_chd) where he has amassed a substantial following while being very open and upfront about his interests, his work, and his life.

Having to update his whopping 50,000 followers, he posts frequently about his life as he travels to and fro from Chandigarh to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He uploads pictures posing with friends he has in both cities, cars, and at landmarks and other places he visits. With most of his pictures taken with an iPhone, the shots look nothing short of professional. He flaunts his sleek fashion sense, with all his pairings, jackets, shoes, and even sunglasses being up to date and trendy.

One look at his Instagram confirms that he is a car enthusiast. With a large majority of his posts featuring expensive, luxurious, and colorful sports cars or jeeps, he does look lack influence and proudly poses with cars that he either has in his possession, or ones he drives. He has always loved cars and often buys and sells cars, or even trades them, to try out as many as he can on the winding streets of Dubai.

When he isn’t freelancing as a model or engaging in buying, selling, and trading luxury cars in Dubai or India, he is out and about with his friends and enjoying some downtime which he rightfully deserves. Some old Instagram posts show that he is not shy about his lifestyle, as an upscale, modern, and grand mansion is featured on his profile. He has referred to it as his ‘home’, and one picture shows his white Porsche parked in the driveway. This hints to the nature of his work and how it has probably excelled at what he does to have a lavish lifestyle as such.

When he is back in India, Sikander posts videos and pictures from when he is in fields and when he meets his father. In Dubai, he visits most of the popular tourist attractions and spots to kill time such as Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates, huge movie theaters, and the gorgeous malls the city has to offer.

Whether it is modeling, or dealing with cars, we are sure Sikander excels at both and gives his all! His social media profile is proof of that, and to follow his posts and adventures, be sure to give him a follow!

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