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Sian Gunney is the definition of a powerful and self-made woman. With her years upon years of experience as a celebrity agent, mastery in digital marketing, and being a solid-strategist she has become very successful in a multitude of ways including earning many awards, accomplishments, global recognition, and adoration for work by her clients.

For Sian, it seems she was destined for her line of work, as she grew up with two parents that adopted very disciplined work ethics, that they aimed to pass on to their daughter. As a young teen, she wanted a pony, so her father told her that she must pay for it herself to understand the true value of money. So, at age 15, Sian was working four different jobs outside of her school and managed to save up enough money to buy herself the pony. One of these four jobs included promotional work and experimental campaigns. Through this job, Sian was able to build strong relationships with other promotional models and staff across the UK. She kept on progressing in work alongside schoolwork to be offered many reputable jobs and gain incredible contacts over the years.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Sian added her psychology principles as well as account manager skills into her work – diversifying her even more. She went to go on pitching and winning remarkable multi-million-pound contracts and kept getting offered opportunities across a high-end Marketing network of top agents in London, as well as jobs from NHS business services center, marketing, and working with a Channel 4 Secret Millionaire on his brands and businesses driving huge success with PR and Marketing campaigns. She then decided to set up a Digital Marketing Agency, PMG Peacock Media Group – which took off rapidly. Sian was also one of the first few people to realize the potential of social media marketing before it became the multi-million-dollar industry that is today. All this and much more makes it evident that Sian is a woman filled with vast oceans of knowledge and experience – that give make her multi-faceted and unique in her skillset and her career.

Currently, Sian runs her own 1:1 high-end digital marketing and PR consultancy in Cardiff called Sian Gunney Consulting. This involves Sian working with top flyers in digital marketing and bringing these individuals and companies massive contracts for branding, web design, app building, and much more. Her consultancy is a powerhouse that helps brands take their business to the next level and beyond. Sian keeps on thriving in her career, yet not burn out in several ways. She believes in working out and staying fit – as she believes a healthy body and a healthy mind lead to much more productive work. She also practices daily meditation and mindfulness as well as enjoys a digital detox once a week.

Moreover, Sian truly believes in the law of attraction which states that one will attract into their life whatever they focus on. Whatever one gives their energy and attention to will come back to benefit them. She relates to this a story of how she met a man who had invented an incredible skincare drink and wanted Sian to work in marketing for his company. Lo and behold, Sian then became the Head of Digital Marketing for the company Skinade for many years. Here she elevated the brand’s digital profile with over 400% increase in online sales. With celebrity gifting bringing in names such as Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Reese Witherspoon, and many more! Via digital PR strategies, Skinade had also received press in British Vogue, Vogue Paris, Spanish Vogue, just to name a few.

Also, Sian is an avid social media user. Her Instagram with over 18k followers, is filled with feel-good, energetic, and inspiring content of herself, quotes she lives by, as well as many Instagram Highlights of her life, travels, and career. All in all, Sian Gunney is a one of a kind woman who excels in her field of work and aims to do the best she can for herself and her clients holistically and sincerely. To follow along with Sian’s life and many accomplishments, her social media is linked below:

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