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It requires a tremendous amount of courage and self-belief to start something that has never been done before. Consequently, it also takes numerous sleepless, tiring nights, and hard work to succeed.  Shubhojit Chatterjee is one of those daring people who weren’t hesitant to take the first step and change the entire system for artists all around India.

Shubhojit Chatterjee is a Binder Photo-book founder, which is India’s first and avant-garde self-publishing platform for artists and photographers since 2018. It is a platform where professional, semi-professional, or hobbyist photographers can feasibly design, publish and sell their photo books online using the Binder Editor.

Ever since adolescence, Shubhojit has found himself allured towards photography.  He was in high school when he started working as a photographer in publishing firms—this sparked his interest in publishing books. That little spark ignited a fire within Shubhojit and in 2009, after graduating from high school, he commenced printing and publishing on his own. Due to his excellent quality and diligent work, it was a huge success. He had published countless books for the Indian Army and other renowned and notable corporates.

Working as a vanity publisher, it soon became apparent for Shubhojit that publishing a photo book was much more of a challenge than he thought. Upon doing some research, he realized that there weren’t many self-publishing services for photographers and artists around the globe, and none in India.  The reason why this thought emerged in his mind was that he faced many inconveniences as a photographer himself when he wanted to publish small volumes of his work. As an amateur photographer, it was arduous to find the right paper for his photos and locate the place to get them. These struggles were just the tip of the iceberg; the real one came while finding a good printer and binder. All his efforts and struggles made him realize that several other photographers must go through it as well, and he wanted to help them out. He believed no one could do it better than him because he is an artist himself, and no one can understand the importance of artwork other than a fellow artist. In early 2016, Shubhojit came up with the idea of Binder. However, he didn’t want to start something without it being perfect and precise. Therefore, he spent two years designing, researching, brainstorming, and seeking guidance with the experts before finally launching the Binder photo-book to the world.


Despite living in the digital era, Binder takes an unusual step by bringing back hard copy. We live in an age of abundance; Ever since the boom of social media, especially Instagram, we come across thousands of photos each day. Despite admiring many of them, we rarely remember any of them. Their abundance causes one to take photography for granted, and we don’t appreciate it as one should. Therefore, all photographer across the world believes the best form of photographs is in print. Shubhojit, coming from the same background, believes in the same philosophy as well. ‘There is a haptic value to a printed book that you cannot find in digital media.’ This quote is a saying by Gerhard Steidl, the iconic German printer and publisher. This saying has a special place in Shubhojit’s heart. One might say even this quote played a considerable role in bringing Binder Photo-book notion of having a hard copy to existence. 

Within days after the launch of Binder, it started gaining traction among young photographers and artists. Many artists found their hearts at ease knowing they had a place accessible to publish their artwork. The success was only attainable because Binder is remarkably easy to use while also having compelling layouts and design tools essential to photo-book publishing. It lets artists choose each and every little detail, from the page to the binding type. Moreover, Binder photo-book also has astoundingly brilliant quality, printing everything using HP Indigo Digital-Offset printing press and binding with carefully chosen and imported materials. Even their delivery was super-fast, delivering in 4 days anywhere in India. All of this further contributed to its already growing reputation. Artists couldn’t stop using Binder because it became a second home to them, a place which empathizes with their struggle and helps them overcome them.

We all have many dreams, but only a few are determined and courageous enough to make those dream evolve into reality. Shubhojit Chatterjee overcame all the odds and the obstacles the world threw at him. His heart was burning with his passion for making his dream of ‘making publishing easy and available to everyone so that no potentially great book goes unpublished’ come to reality. He makes sure his customer’s work isn’t gone unseen; therefore, his team regularly posts about each and every project and art on their Instagram account @binderphotobooks. Shubhojit is a true inspiration for all.

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