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Some people are born with a talent for creating things. They dream up ideas like it’s a regular occurrence. People like these dream up goals in their sleep, head full of ideas- enough genius in them to start multiple companies. However, these people are called dreamers by their peers. Their parents condemn them for having their heads up in the clouds. Their dreams are deemed useless, and a waste of time. These people are often left hopeless and lost, trying to find a way in the world following something they’re not passionate about. Most people who fail in this way aren’t unable to produce because of talent, they’re talented enough to dream the world, so they’re more than talented enough to make it come true! However, the sad reality is that this capitalistic world only lets those with money and ordered finances to progress. Most people are left with their dreams broken in their hands and a nine to five underpaying job at the end of the line. This is because they don’t have anything to invest in themselves and take risks.

No business is made without risks and most people aren’t secure enough financially to take risks. at this point, a pivotal character enters. These people are essential to any start-up and their presence can make or break a business. These are the investors. They evaluate a business proposal. They speak to the leaders and they contemplate. They have to be careful with how they spend their money but their entire jobs are based on instincts and risks. when they deem a company good enough, they go ahead and invest in them.

A similar investor, in other words, an angel to all new startups, is Shawn Renfro. Shawn is a man of many worlds. He has dabbled in all sorts of businesses and even now has his feet in multiple endeavors. He is never still, always running after more- an admirable trait in any involved in the business world! He is currently involved in multiple jobs, including being a member of investors. He and a few others together made a group- all these people are like-minded and looking to invest in businesses they believe will be profitable. They buy franchises and make them bigger! These investors are used to killing two birds with one stone- they profit themselves as well as make the careers of anyone they help. Some might look down on them thinking that if they have money, they’re just going to make more money by doing nothing except for investing some. This is far from the truth. Investors always take risks by investing in upcoming brands, and sometimes it hits heavy on the pockets. Investors aren’t always rich, rolling in money as people would like to believe. They’re just those people who have meticulously saved up and instead of placing money in a savings account, they want to help others as well as possibly reap benefits for themselves as well. And Shawn is no different!

Shawn hasn’t limited himself to this only. He has signed onto making two new businesses with a start-up, something that would keep a regular man occupied- but not him! Even alongside this, he has more things he’s currently involved in as well as multiple things on the backburner! He has an insurance brokerage he’s running alongside this, as well as a fashion brand he has introduced! This man has delved deep into the business, finance, and fashion world at the same time- a combination unheard of!

The best thing about the twenty-first century is the accessibility of everything. Businesses can be found online and so can clients. As any smart business owner, one key marketing strategy used by Shawn is social media. He is active on his accounts and does business through them. However, the current world as it is, makes it hard to trust random Instagram accounts as many turn out to be scammers. This has been a hurdle in his business as his unverified status makes some wary about approaching him. Thus, it would be beneficial for everyone to go look at his profile @shawnrofficial to see if there’s any way any of us can utilize his service, or simply to follow him and help him achieve his verified status so he can go ahead and continue to chase his dreams!

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