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The music industry today comprises many talented producers, singers, and songwriters but only a few are making it to the top either because of the bias of the industry itself or some other complication that does not let young talented musicians succeed. In hopes of resolving the issue of under-representation of young talented artists to whatever possible extent, a new professional Startup-Record-Label based Ryzim Records UG introduced itself in 2020. This Germany based Record-Label startup seeks young, talented, and hardworking artists and gives a platform to them so they too can get a chance to succeed in the industry.

Record Labels are extremely important for the production of music in the music industry. So important that if it was not for the Record Labels, we may never have gotten to know about our favorite artists and musicians. Our favorite singers would not have given the chance and a platform where they could perform, interact, and produce music for us. Although talent is extremely vital for artists and producers to succeed, we should also remember that it is not the only crucial factor that affects their success. When talent is important for you to get ahead of others, it is through Record Labels that artists can expand their reach. The greater the reach of an artist, the more successful they will be considered. Record Labels succeed when its owners work enthusiastically and believe in helping artists. Some record labels try to give a platform to already somewhat famous artists so that they too can gain something out of it. Ryzim Record Labels on the other hand started their journey so that they can focus primarily on emerging young artists who need desperate support of Record-label companies to build their reach but are often rejected due to biased reasons.

The journey of Ryzim Record Label started when its owners, who apart from being DJs in Germany, are also good friends, decided that they should have their own Record Label. It was not long after their plan that they jumped right in to make their dream come true and worked hard to build Ryzim Record Label which has found success in a noticeably brief time. According to Ryzim Record Labels, they are different and unique than other record labels in the sense that they do not seek success for themselves but also for the young artists that they believe in. One such example is of Zenaro, a young 19 years old hard-working artist and a producer who has successfully recorded and produced his song through Ryzim Record Label. Zenaro has produced 10 songs which also includes some remixes. Some of his famous songs are “Without You”, “Glimpse of the Future” and “Fireflies”. Zenaro’s listeners agree when we say that he is tremendously talented. In such a brief time, he has managed to get a following of over 3 thousand which shows the importance and value of his work. His songs today are available and are on sale at websites like Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Ryzim Records is currently working with another talented artist named Stevok who is also expected to reach a similar height of fame through Ryzim Records. We truly believe that Ryzim Records is building something wonderful, great, and breath-taking and that through them, listeners of music all over the world will get to hear the voices and see the talent of young artists and producers.

Ryzim Records are also proud to be a part of the Instagram community which has given them the chance to grow, learn, make memories, and connect with artists and other record labels all around the world. They have an incredible following of over 3 thousand on Instagram and a supportive community who believes in their goal.

If you are an emerging artist and need the help of a Record Label who would believe in your talent, you can reach out to Ryzim Record Labels on Instagram @ryzimrecords. If you are a listener who is impressed by the efforts of Ryzim Records, you can also follow them on Instagram and listen to great songs by @zenaro_official.

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