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Robin Pors was born on January 1st, 1978. He was born in the city of Vlaardingen in the Netherlands and is one of the most notable Dutch celebrities of all time. He is a well-known Pop Singer and recognized for his many contributions to music. From a very young age, Robin took a keen interest in music; he comprehended the complexities of music and understood how to perfect a melody. His passion grew bigger with time, and eventually, he became part of one of the most famous Dutch bands- Vengaboys.

Robin is one of the original band members of a Dutch Eurodance music group called Vengaboys. The band started to form in 1997, and Robin joined it ever since the band’s birth. He used to play music and dance in beach parties and had an extensive network of people from the music business. And, that’s how he met his band members, and they were discovered by two producers-Danski and Delmundo, in an unauthorized party on the beach of Spain. After being found, Robin and his band’s life turned around. The group consists of two female lead vocalists- Kim Sasabone and Denise Post Van Rijswijk, and two male lead vocalists- Robin Pors and Donny Laturpeirissa. Vengaboys achieved great success and enjoyed popularity among its fans in the late 90s. They have had the honor of having some hit singles, which gained them incredible recognition. Some of these hit singles are “We like to Part” and “Boom, Boom, Boom!!” and “We are going to Ibiza.” Some of these songs even hit the top of the UK Singles Chart. Vengaboys have sold over 20 million records worldwide. The brilliance of this band is depicted in the fact that they won the best-selling dance group award in the World Music Awards on May 2nd, 2001. They were called the most successful pop band in the history of Dutch music.

The band reached its peak in the late nineties and early twenties. They traveled the whole world to meet their fans and sign record deals. But in 1999, right before their second album was about to release, Robin left the band; he rejoined it back in later years. Meanwhile, during the break from the Vengaboys, he worked on his solo career. He recorded his album and released it in the Uk, Netherlands, and Norway. His solo career was also hugely successful, and it was gaining momentum. In 2002, Robin recorded his debut album that received appreciation from the fans. His first single was called, “I’ll be right there” that was on radios and television; his music solo or in the band was recognized for his uniqueness and brilliance. Robin also tried his luck in an acting career, and it turned out to be a wise decision because he has played a role in some television soaps and movies like Deuce Bigalow 2, Goudkust, etc. He also had the privilege to collaborate with some famous singers like  Lee Towers, Esther Hart, and Romeo. In 2009, when an icon of the music industry Michal Jackson died, it was Robin who presented his memorial in the Netherlands. In 2009, he got back together with the Vengaboys, and in 2010 they released a new single “Rocket to Uranus” that once again grasped the attention of their loyal fans from all over the world. Till today, Vengaboys are loved in the music community, and they continue to perform 150+ shows a year.

Usually, when bands break up, it’s hard for them to regroup and receive the same level of hype from their fans. But Robin’s pure talent and his sheer talent of communicating with his fans returned him the same level of support from his fan over and over again. He thrived as a member of one of the most brilliant pop bands and as a solo artist. His passion for music and for only putting forth his very best work is the reason he has earned himself a loyal fanbase. If anyone wants to look him up, his social media link is (

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