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The art of self-actualization and discovering what makes you happy is perhaps one of the most difficult ones out there. However, some people have managed to achieve that very early on in life. One of those people is a visual artist and designer Rob La Fata. As a child, Rob developed a liking for artwork and would spend a considerable amount of time drawing and painting. As he grew older, his artistic skills were polished and he soon moved on to photography as well. He would photograph various objects and people and soon built an impressive portfolio. Even as a child, Rob impressed quite a lot of people around him with his talents and his passion for learning. He would work tirelessly to achieve whatever he had in mind and this made him stand out from the other children, even in school.

To this day, Rob has an excellent work ethic and continues to impress the people around him. Born on April 12, 1990, Rob is from Scarsdale in New York and is currently 30 years old. In his short career, he has managed to achieve quite a lot! From developing his portfolio to learning various artistic and photography techniques, Rob has done it all! New York is his favorite city because he tends to stay and work there a lot. He hosted an art gallery in the SoHo district of New York in 2015.

Rob has also published 4 books of his art. As a young artist, it is quite hard to get your work published unless you are very good at what you do. Rob is a master of his field! His books became popular instantly and hundreds of people bought them. This is exactly why he ended up compiling four of them. The titles of his four books are as follows: “Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares”, “Let’s pretend we’re Numb”, “Internet Clout”, and “Revenge.” All four of these amazing compilations were published in collaboration with the reputed Rizzoli publications. Rob’s partnership with Rizzoli publications is also an example of his hard work since young artists are rarely able to secure partnerships with publishing houses and are usually unable to get their work published so early. Rob got a considerable amount of work published through this publishing house and his work was welcomed since it was so popular amongst people in and out of the art community.

Since Rob’s work ranges from photography and includes graphic designs, he is quite popular on social media. He keeps posting pictures of the work that he creates and his fans and followers react to them. His posts include pictures of cars, scenery, and old buildings. He has a strong love for cars since he has a whole Instagram post dedicated to the BMW logo. He has posted a picture of the logo on a car and hundreds of his fans have reacted to the photography. Rob does not post a lot of pictures of himself, however, occasionally his Instagram features a selfie or a picture with his friends or colleagues. Rob currently has 3,400 followers on Instagram and has made around 30 posts as of yet. His followers have been religiously liking and commenting on each of the things he posts and are very appreciative of his photography skills.

Photography and design have always been Rob’s dream. Despite being a little unconventional in his approach, Rob has always worked very hard to secure a position amongst the top photographers in the country and has made quite a name for himself. If you want to check out some amazing photography, you can always head over to his Instagram page (@rob.I4) and get some inspiration!

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