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Artwork can be found around the world from ancient times. What makes art interesting is that it can be created in any way, shape, or form with any materials. It seems that the artwork can also tell us a lot about the artist. Art seems to be simply, a direct, visual reflection of the artist’s life. Therefore, one can assume that an artist’s life experiences and beliefs directly influence their art.

 A graphic designer and artist, Rivka Wilkins, hitting her stride with her art. She spells cast over her viewers by her wonderful pieces of art. Being an Artist is not an activity one can do on the side.  It is a lifestyle and a profession. Being an artist is a decision that requires a high level of commitment. She has always been into art and for over 10 years she has been a graphic designer. Her designs are on Etsy,, and

She didn’t teach her to brush only one color, but she explored different worlds of art. She kept drifting back and forth and tried one new art form after another. Rivka after exploring different worlds and forms of art found the perfect thing to express her art and nothing kept her interested as much as resin. It was the perfect medium for her and her artistic approach. The thing she loves about resin is that it’s artistic ability is still undiscovered. And that’s what keeps it exciting for her.

Wilkins mastering his resin technique works with Davis who is responsible for the woodwork, creating perfect crashing ocean waves. Bored Panda and Power of Positivity have both featured and written articles on their work. Getting her first published story about her and Jared tables by Bored Panda was the most interesting thing that happened to her career. When the world takes notice and appreciates your work it surely boosts your energy. Other international sites from France and Japan have also recognized and appreciated her work.

Rivka Wilkins has been creating and selling paintings for over 4 years now. Davis selects a live edge slab to begin the process of creating these tables. He cuts and sands the slabs to the desired length so that it can be sent to Rivka for further work. After Rivka receives the wood, she applies the resin using a special technique to make it appear as if waves are on top of the slab. As she ships her artwork worldwide, these tables have gone viral as their creative work creates something unimaginably beautiful. With almost ninety-five thousand followers, she mostly does her business on Instagram account.

The art specifically belongs to his master, but sometimes others try to steal it. Rivka Wilkins is in the process of getting her name registered as an LLC to cover both graphic design and artwork; also she is working with many different companies that would help her store and career to be verified.

An artist surely knows his ability to create art. Rivka brings new ideas, trying new things, and starting new trends by thinking outside the box. She surely has a variety of interests, as her feed shows so many different styles and techniques.

Being an artist is about being free to express your personality through art.  Clearly, one can express himself or herself in numerous ways but to be considered an artist one needs to express himself or herself through an artistic endeavor. Artist is always emotionally connected with his art, and when the art piece gets praises from others it is surely the greatest feeling for an artist. Rivka believes that these art pieces are little pieces of her, which are scattered all over the world. To check her amazing piece of art, follow her at “rivkawilkinsart”.

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