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Rininta Crsitabella was born in Jember, Indonesia. From childhood, she has been strong-willed and persistent. She was a good student who was highly intelligent and goal-oriented. At the age of 6, she had decided she wanted to become a doctor and help other people. Of course, the road to becoming a doctor is not simple but requires years of planning and hard work. Inspired by the encouragement of her grandfather, Rininta joined her School’s Health Unit as her extracurriculars in Junior year; she used to invest a lot of time in helping with the unit 3 times a week.  Being one of the top students in her school and being good at all the academic subjects, especially biology, she got admission in one of the prestigious private medical schools in Indonesia- Tarumanagara University. She moved out to pursue her degree in Jakarta. 

Rininta’s experience in Medical School has been enlightening, providing her an experience to work with the government hospital for 2 years. This experience had been extremely enlightening for Dr. Cristabella as she in-person witnessed the poor health conditions and a health system that is not kind to the poor people who don’t have insurance. It was in-between this time that she realized she must work for the betterment of the health system and make it more accessible to the people of Indonesia. Her determination towards her goal is remarkable because she is now the founder of Let’s Share Foundation. Let’s Share is a non-profit organization founded in 2015.  It has been collaborating with UNICEF Indonesia to extend proper medical help to underprivileged children. The main goal of this organization is to fix the infrastructure of the Healthcare, Nutrition, and Education sectors in Indonesia. Let’s Share Foundation arranges regular drives and distributions programs to villages. It provides people in these remote areas with necessities such as clothing, food, books, school materials.  They provide people free medical checks and supplies too. Additionally, they offer free surgeries and treatment for children who are born with congenital disabilities such as cleft lip or acquired disabilities such as burn scars. 

To run a non-profit organization, it is essential to have a source of funds to carry out the goals effortlessly. To do that, most people carry out charity functions to collect funds. Let’s Share Foundation tries to raise funds of 500m rupiahs a month to sustain itself and function smoothly. She encourages women to work and contribute to a non-profit organization by sharing her experience on what she sees and feels, sharing related-content, and sometimes personally inviting them over on the field to meet with the families of the sick children. She does that to evoke a sense of empathy and compassion in the donators’ hearts. As a result, some women donate their money to the organization, but some willingly want to participate too. Dr. Cristabella hopes to inspire more doctors to join her in her venture and help in making the world a better place. 

Apart from being good at academics, Dr. Cristabella’s accomplished in the field of beauty and fashion. She was a finalist of Miss Indonesia 2010. She is also a co-founder of EMK Beauty Parlour in Jakarta. The Parlour was launched in 2018 and offers a luxurious treatment including facials, face and body injections, body exfoliating treatments, and rejuvenation treatments. It also provides natural skin care products. She understands the importance of taking care of oneself relaxes people and they feel more productive towards their goals. Currently, she is in Germany to pursue a degree in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Cristabella is an accomplished woman. She is diligent and empathetic. In just a few years, she has made a significant change in many people’s lives for the better in Indonesia. Her work is providing medical mission to families and individuals living in medically underserved areas in Indonesia. Her main goal is to share services through programs that will help in creating a lasting and positive change in the lives of people her organization serves. She is a source of inspiration. Her Instagram is dr.cristabella, where she gives free medical consultation. 

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