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Richard Iyare is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a dedicated father based in Nigeria. He has a big heart and is always thinking of others and so, has started a foundation regarding this. He hopes to help those in need by providing a wide range of support. Richard also encourages his fellow Nigerians to be a part of this movement and to help others become the best version of themselves.

Richard was taught from an early age about the importance of being kind. His loved ones instilled it in him all the time, they told him that it does not matter how one treats him, he should still not forget his values and what he has been taught. This stuck with Richard. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, he was known for being a friendly and soft-spoken individual. He was the type of friend that one could go to and speak their heart out.

As Richard grew older, he understood why his loved ones were so stern with implementing these values. He learned more and more about the hardships people face in life. There is a big range of problems people deal with: the death of a close one, sickness, poverty, abuse, and so much more. Richard had seen what effect this has on people and the toll it takes on their mental health. He wished to put an end to the cycle and do something about it.

Richard’s spark made him want to take action and stand up for at least some of his fellow Nigerians who were facing such problems. This led to the creation of the Springforth Care Foundation. The Springforth Care Foundation is an NGO that aims to provide educational, moral, and financial support to orphans, widows, and vulnerable women in society. It provides a safe space for such people suffering to escape to. It has empowered so many individuals and helped them stand on their own two feet and walk with their heads held high.

Richard is proud to have played a major role in the rise of this foundation and this movement to help his Nigerian community. He has gained a lot of experience while working with the foundation and has encountered so many people in need. He is truly fulfilled when he sees their lives greatly improve. He is often encouraging those around him to volunteer or donate to the cause.

Currently, Richard has over 24.8k followers on Instagram alone. He is very active on social media and posts very regularly as he knows the importance of staying in touch with his followers. He provides a large variety of content to his fans and followers so that they always have something new to come back to. People highly enjoy his bubbly personality which certainly shines through all his posts.

Richard’s content ranges from his views and opinions to showing off his family and his personal life. He encourages his followers to be thankful for what they have in life for there are many people who are much more unfortunate. He has seen this very closely due to his work with the foundation. Additionally, Richard has posted a few times to support those still waiting on receiving justice in his country. He has also talked about the importance of staying safe during the pandemic.

When Richard is not busy sharing important views, he is showing his followers his private life. He enjoys traveling all over the country and being out and about. This entails many pictures being uploaded to his page. Besides this, Richard is a proud and loving father to his young children. Endless photos are showing off the beautiful relationship between him and his family. It is surely something worth coming back for.  

Richard is a kindhearted and loving individual. He works day and night to take care of his family and those in need. He is working on raising awareness in the Nigerian community about the sufferings orphans and vulnerable women face daily.

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