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At just the tender age of twenty-seven Ricardo is a fairly successful actor based in London, England, working his way to the top. His career kicked off when he was in high school, initially struggling to find a path that could lead to his dreams. A very skeptical human being, he was always trying to find answers to questions that could satisfy him however this search for acknowledgment led him to be involved with the wrong crowd. Involved in smoking, drinking, and getting into fights, his fundamental years were spent with highly problematic individuals.

However, hit with a sudden realization that he is ruining his future due to his attitude, Ricardo did a full 180 and switched his life for the better. He returned to school with a positive mindset and started working towards his goals, retaking some exams, and working hard to ace them. Soon he had graduated high school and was now doing his bachelor’s in performing arts from the Buckinghamshire New University (2013-2016), during his time here; Lloyd had the opportunity to perform in various plays helping him get the exposure and experience needed to develop himself for future possibilities. One of Ricardo’s biggest achievements is basing his final research project on racial injustice – he wrote, produced, and acted in his short film called ‘Color Lines’ which received a lot of praise from his audiences as well as different professors.

After graduating from university, the young and emerging actor put a break in his career and went on to receive higher education – doing his masters in business administration. Once he was done with his studies he returned to fulfilling his dreams, Ricardo joined the Intermission Youth Theatre in early 2019 where he got to perform in many plays and thus strengthened his resume. His most iconic roles were performing in Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream that had a modern twist to it and playing as the character Romeo in the theatre production called ‘Excluded’ – this play was a massive success and was sold out for three weeks, consecutive.

All of Ricardo’s struggles and hard work paid off when he was recognized as one of the top young actors to look out for in 2020 by the Intermission Youth Theatre, he was also named as one of the top twenty actors by The Voice newspaper. Aside from special mentions in magazines and publications, Lloyd has also featured in many interviews such as on BBC London Radio and the BBC Sunday Morning Live TV. Due to his talents, he has also been noticed by many celebrities; namely Naomi Harris from ‘James Bond’ and various media and government officials.

Ricardo P Lloyd is a very hardworking and selfless individual, who struggled a lot to get where he is today. His journey to stardom began with him realizing and correcting his mistakes, his strong faith in God helped shape and turn his life around, dedicating it to fulfilling his dreams. Lloyd is a very compassionate young man who hopes to promote positivity in any way he can, his many social media platforms such as Instagram (@ricardoplloyd), Twitter (@ricardoplloyd) and Youtube (@RicardoPLlpyd) act as places where he can interact with his fans all the while preaching goodness. Each platform having thousands of followers help reach his words to a wider audience and form a chain of empathy.

Lloyd wants his fans to learn from his struggles and not give up on their dreams. He wants to act as an inspiration to others and hopefully help them out of their dark stages. His aim in life is to be truthful, responsible, and to create stories that make an impact.

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