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Reza Torkzadeh is an attorney lawyer based in the city of Los Angeles, California. Reza is passionate about helping people and making a positive impact on the community. After becoming an attorney, his priority has been maintaining a direct and meaningful relationship with his clients that will consequently bring a positive change in a community. Reza empathizes with the people who fall victim to negligence from big insurance companies or large corporations. He believes every person, irrespective of their class, gender, or race, deserves strong legal representation. He wants to bring a change in our society that will improve the living conditions of every human being. And, his passion and dedication towards this cause have led him to achieve profound milestones.


Reza Torkzadeh founded a national law firm called TorkLaw. He represents the firm as its CEO and the managing attorney.  TorkLaw represents consumers and victims who have their lives altered when they fall prey to negligence, defective products, or misconduct from insurance companies, giant corporations, public entities, or manufacturers. TorkLaw is one of the most front-running personal injury and protection law firm in the country with many satisfied clients. It aims to provide legal representation to people who have been affected in catastrophic incidents and have received injuries or property loss. It also specializes in dangerous drugs and product liability litigation. TorkLaw is dedicated to becoming a go-to source for people who went through auto, motorcycle, pedestrian, or bicycle accidents. It also takes cases of premises liability, wrongful death, defective medical devices, or injustice done by a third party.

TorkLaw has a team of well-reputed, esteemed attorneys from the country, who are known for their diligence and obtaining the highest settlement offers and jury verdicts. These attorneys share Reza’s passion for serving the community and making a positive effect, In 2014, TorkLaw fought for a case of a pedestrian accident case in California and won the largest verdict of more than 26 million dollars. Their services are approachable; when clients reach out to them after incidents, they offer free case evaluation. The case is first reviewed for the factual foundations, then legal options are discussed, and then the attorneys explain how they can help the client. Reza’s leadership, passion, and vision for representing people and making a pragmatic change in society has led to TorkLaw expanding nationwide, with its offices open for clients in California, Arizona, Texas, New York, Washington State, Illinois, Washington, D.C., Maine, and Georgia.

Reza’s passion for helping people doesn’t just end at looking after TorkLaw. He has co-authored two books: “Accidents Happen- A Consumer’s Guide to the Personal Injury” and “Wrongful Death System” with 1st and 2nd Editions. These books are widely endorsed in the legal community. Reza’s dedicated his entire career to helping people without charging them a fortune, like most law firms. He has handled many high-profile cases in both the state and federal courts. His leadership qualities, exhibited through his accomplishments of running a law firm and serving significant roles in litigation at the national level, are vivid.  Reza is the co-founder of LawWorks, which is a work-space for lawyers and promotes collaboration between attorneys.  He is well-known and respected in the area for all of his achievements and his work towards the company. He is often invited as a guest speaker to inspire other people with his journey and vision. Reza’s legal commentary has featured by many running news outlets and magazines including, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Daily News, etc.

Reza’s vision encompasses the idea that every single person, rich or poor, deserves an equal opportunity and proper representation when it comes to accessing justice. His goal has always been to not only provide his clients with the appropriate compensation that they deserve for their losses but also to make the communities a safer space from lawlessness, crime, and felony. His vision is inclusive and profound, and his dedication has made it possible for him to achieve milestones. If anyone wants to look him up, here is the link to reach him (

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