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Dogs have long been considered humans’ best friends. Loyal companions, confidantes, support systems, and sources of comfort. These lovable pets are sure to turn the worst day around into a brighter one. It is in their infectiously bubbly nature. Perhaps this is why those who suffer from loneliness are advised to keep pets specifically dogs by their sides. Dogs are truly the cutest blessing there could be. Whenever you’re feeling down, your fluffy companion is here to console you. Their love is boundless and they are always there for their masters. However, it bears mentioning that dogs, like humans, can have bad days too. As important as mental health for humans has become in the world today, it is equally important for masters to ensure the wellbeing of their loyal pets.

Renée Nicole Erdman is a talented, meticulously unrivaled dog behavior expert operating with professionals and treating pets all around the globe. Based in British Columbia, Canada, Renée has received multiple accolades and credentials for her work in the field, bringing happiness to those dogs who may have lost it. Dogs have always been a source of comfort for humans, however, only dedicated individuals like Renée work to ensure that the psychological wellbeing of these dogs is intact. Like humans, dogs too can fall into depression and lose their happy nature which is an alarming sign for those who love these little rays of sunshine. 

Renée is also an active advocate in the fight against animal cruelty. Having a strong association with the BC SPCA (British Columbian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Renée has been involved with their cause of putting an end to animal cruelty and spreading awareness in as many locations as possible, urging people to join the fight against animal cruelty and make the world a safer place for all animals regardless of whether they are household pets, strays out on the street, or victims of scientific experimentation and testing. A deservingly admirable cause that deserves a lot more support and recognition from every responsible individual.

Bravo Dog Knowledge is Renée’s podcast and project where she aims to educate dog owners about the intricacies of taking care of your dog and raising it much like you would raise your child. Taking care of pets is also a form of parenthood as, like children, pets also require the utmost care and attention, something that is often overlooked. The podcast is ranked in multiple Top 10 lists consistently for dog training and care. The popularity associated with it has continued to experience a steady surge, and as a result, Renée has branched out to other mediums and is now working on her book for dogs suffering from anxiety and fear. This enlightening and informative read is slated to be released in the upcoming year.

Despite her several different projects, Renée is quite active on social media as she frequently updates her progress on her projects, posts information regarding upcoming ventures, video snippets with dogs under her care, and treatment, as well as just her regular lifestyle. It is refreshing and endearing to see such organic interactions that exist to spread more love in the world and make it a safer place for dogs to be emotionally stable.


Everyone needs care and love regardless of what species they are. To be a responsible pet owner one must learn to read the signs that might indicate a possible problem with their little friend. The comfort that we seek in our pets is equally important to be returned, our pets need our support too. To find out more information regarding Renée’s upcoming projects, stay up to date on her podcast, keep up with important news or just to scroll through her profile with adorable dogs, be sure to check out the amazingly talented Renée Erdman on her Instagram account: @bravodogtraining.

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