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Renature is an NGO that aids farmers and communities transitioning from traditional agricultural methods to more sustainable practices such as Regenerative Agroforestry. They believe that agricultural practices do not have to be damaging to nature, and can work in harmony with nature. They also promote sustainable solutions that can help farmers and communities in the long run. It operates worldwide and aims to bring about an agricultural revolution by regenerating nature.

The founders of renature wanted to do something to combat some of the biggest environmental challenges the world is facing including deforestation and climate change. They realized that there is a need to bring about change in the agricultural sphere to deal with environmental challenges; and so renature was launched based in the Netherlands. Their main aim is to regenerate a million hectares of land worldwide, by the year 2030. They have come up with many unique and innovative solutions to work towards this aim.

Renature has a motivated and committed team. The two co-founders Filipe Villela and Marco de Boer are currently serving as co-CEOs. They aim to build a foundation for Renature so that it can have an international reach and can create meaningful change by promoting regenerative agriculture on a large scale. So far, they have helped Renature secure its first few projects, have pitched for its message in a TEDxAmsterdam talk, and have helped build an online following. Their efforts have helped in making Renature a key name in the world of regenerative agriculture. They also have a diverse team of office staff, scientists, and advisors onboard. As an organization, they are deeply committed to promoting accurate scientific methods. They work closely with research institutes and organizations. Their scientific approach helps maintain their credibility and they can work with information and data that is accurate and hence it helps create meaningful change.

They have many innovative projects that are being carried out in different countries. They have launched a project called “Pasto Vivo” in Brazil and it aims to create and establish sustainable methods of cattle farming. They hope to carry out research and come up with solutions that help establish regenerative agroforestry. They also have a project in Kenya called Laikipiya which aims to combat some of the environmental challenges Kenya is facing, this includes; overgrazing, deforestation, and climate change. The project hopes to promote sustainable and climate-smart agriculture in Kenya. They have other projects in India and Indonesia as well. Their project in each country is different as they are designed to cater to the prevailing environmental challenges in that country. However, each project is designed with the underlying aim of promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Renature can be found on social media and it has a prominent online presence. It can be found on Instagram as @renature and has a growing following of almost 16 thousand people. They have used Instagram as a platform to promote their work and share more information on their various projects. A recent post shows the positive impact of their project in Indonesia and how their regenerative agroforestry system has led to better vegetation. They also share resources that aim to help people better understand what regenerative and sustainable agriculture means. Instagram helps them create awareness about their ideas and aims. It is also a great way for their followers to keep track of their different projects. They also frequently hold Instagram live sessions where followers can directly engage with experts and learn more about sustainable agriculture.

Climate change is a major challenge the world is facing. It is important to take steps to combat and alleviate environmental issues. Renature is an NGO that aims to promote regenerative agriculture worldwide so we can have an agricultural system that does not harm nature and is sustainable. They have several projects that are already underway and are showing results. Renature has promoted innovative ways of incorporating regenerative agriculture in many different countries. Renature will surely emerge as a big name in the world of regenerative agriculture and sustainable development.

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