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There are many complex emotions humans experience throughout their lifetime and not everybody knows how to handle them. One particular emotion that still to this day cannot be fully explained is Love. People are still figuring out how to become someone worthy of love or if finding the right person is equivalent to being the right person. To answer these complicated questions there is one particular person people seek guidance from and listen to. Renata Giarola is a motivational speaker, writer, and the founder of the Learn2Love club. She motivates people to become the right people instead of finding the right person.

Renata Giarola was born and raised in Brazil. At the age of 16, she left her hometown to continue her studies in the US and managed to get Ivy League full scholarship. She graduated from Stanford University with an MBA and then did a BA from Penn. Ever since she was young; Renata always took great interest in studying human behavior and most importantly the science behind it. She developed a great interest in Neuroscience and started to read more about it. While she was studying at Stanford University she gave her first talk about relationships and surprisingly for her it was a great success. Hundreds of people appreciated it and wanted to learn more from her. It got thousands of views and even got recognized by some of the iconic figures of relationship experts like Helen Fisher (Ph.D.), Harville Hendrix (Ph.D.), and Sue Johnson (Ph.D.). Being supported and approved by such famous personalities inspired her to start her network regarding relationships.

She started her Learn2Love club to help people through the ample amount of research she did on human relationships. The club offers insight into human relationships, scientifically proven facts, and entertainment along with educating people on how to become a person people admire. This platform solely focuses on changing people’s mindset of becoming the right person instead of finding the right person. It empowers people to work on the kind of person they are and how they can become an even better person. It teaches people to self-love and how to build strong connections with people around them by just being attentive and considerate. Moreover, the scientifically rigorous content about relationships has greatly helped hundreds of people to become a better person for their partner.

The amount of positive response she has gotten over the years for providing people with the right knowledge has helped her get recognized by TED. She was asked to speak about her mission at TED in September of this year. She will give a talk on why young adults should be taught the skills to succeed in a relationship of love. Through her knowledge and ability to make her voice heard she will teach the younger generation the right way to make their relationships work so that they know how to communicate with their partner. Renata is hoping to spread her knowledge through her club to an even wider audience after her TED talk is released. She believes it will help a lot of people to learn the research-driven relationship skills and teach them about human communication.

Apart from having a profound love for Neuroscience and human relationships, she loves Dance and Arts. On her Instagram page @renatagiarola, she posts about her love for dance to her 2K plus followers. Furthermore, she shares and recommends all sorts of books regarding relationships and even motivates people to read books about relationships instead of worrying about the problems a person might be facing during their relationship. In addition to this, she shares her ideas through Newsletter.

Studying at Stanford, Penn, and then working at Mckinsey and Company and meeting all sorts of people have helped her understand human relationships in many ways. Being an incredible speaker and reaching out to people through her knowledge about the science of love has helped many people become kinder and an empathetic human being. Renata continues to share her knowledge and inspire people to have a mindset of becoming a wonderful human being.

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