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Entertainment adds sweetness and distraction to our monotonous routines, and the entertainment industry does a good job of making sure of that. For some, tuning into the radio or turning on the television at the end of a long day is a big stress reliever whereas others prefer to be behind the screen and be the providers of this refreshment. Being in the spotlight is where such people thrive. As time goes by, more and more people are coming forward with their talents.

Rehab Almheiri is a TV presenter, MC, and actress from the UAE, who is a rising talent and icon. She started her journey in show business in 2014 as a TV Presenter for Dubai Media Incorporated on Sama Dubai TV and Dubai TV. Dubai Media Incorporated is the official media organization of the government of Dubai. DMI has a number of print, radio, and TV channels under its wing and has nationwide viewers.  Working with DMI provided Rehab with a large number of open doors, but not without hard work. As a TV Presenter, Rehab has hosted and presented a number of shows. The most important of these was Mazion (“مزيون”), a reality television show highlighting the lifestyle of Dubai and the people living there. It is not only informative but also incredibly interesting for its viewers and each episode is different from the last.

Rehab has had a penchant for performing and acting ever since she was a child, watching television always fascinated her and she always envisioned herself as the person behind the screen. As she grew up, her inclination only increased and eventually she worked hard on her skills and talents and landed herself an important position on one of UAE’s leading television channels.

Her venture with DMI is still ongoing, but that has not stopped Rehab from pursuing other opportunities. In fact, she has made progress towards her dream of becoming an actress. In 2019, she auditioned for a role in the movie “Ghost” which is a UAE horror and mystery film under TwoFour54 Abu Dhabi and Cinema Vision Films and is widely anticipated. She cleared her audition with flying colors and in September 2019, the first trailer for the movie was released.

The Emirati film industry has evolved much in the past few years and branched out into a vast range of storylines. “Ghost” has a cast ensemble of established local talent including Rehab. The script and story of the film center around a conflict of inheritance when a grandmother persuades members of her family to live together before she agrees to sell it. The adventure begins as the family travels from Abu Dhabi to the house, where paranormal and mysterious events begin to happen.

Other than acting and presenting, in her free time Rehab enjoys fashion, traveling, and working on her physical fitness. She interacts with her followers and fans on Instagram where she posts about her daily life. She also expresses her interest in fashion and styling, as it is another creative outlet for her. She updates her latest travels and takes her followers on her journey alongside her through the lens of her camera. Her interactive posts are refreshing and endearing, so it’s no wonder she has such a dedicated fanbase even before the official start of her acting career.

She is a physical fitness enthusiast and likes using her platform to talk about the advantages of exercise, yoga, and meditation. This goes to show that despite her busy lifestyle as a showbiz star, she preaches and practices a healthy lifestyle in order to be a worthy role model to her followers.

Rehab is a rapidly rising star and artist. She deserves the hype she gets and more because in only a short amount of time she has proven her charm and aptitude. We look forward to seeing more amazing things from her as she is destined to excel.

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