Razia Sultan (@raziliicious)


Razia Sultan leads quite a remarkable life as a single mother and an influencer on the popular social media app, Instagram. She is based in the affluent city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates and is currently dedicated to spreading positive vibes through her different social media accounts. She has been active on both Instagram and Facebook since 2014 where she posts videos and conducts live sessions, with their main purpose being to motivate other people and bring some positivity in their lives. She is widely and popularly known amongst her audience as the “Happy and Positive Soul” and was also awarded the Gloss Magazine Award for Most Inspiring Personality in 2017. This is evidently a huge marker of her expertise and something that Razia is extremely proud of as well, and thus, this is also the reason why she has mentioned it in her bio on Instagram.  

Razia joined Facebook in May, 2007 and has a following of almost fourteen thousand people on her account. However, she is even more active on her Instagram profile and regularly posts under the handle, “raziliicious.” On Instagram, she has more than fifteen hundred posts and an impressive following of almost sixty thousand people. This shows that she is popular personality and many people are loving her message. Both her Instagram and Facebook bio hold the same phrase which says: “I talk abt small things that matter, with a hope to make a difference.” She is also particularly focused on spreading love and positivity and this seems to be the main reason why so many people follow and support her on a daily basis. Her selflessness knows no end and the fact that she has dedicated her life to making other people’s lives better shows how she is an honest and caring person and loves to help wherever and however she can. 

Most of Razia’s Instagram posts are pictures of herself, where is dressed up for different events or occasions. Many of her pictures are accompanied by long write-ups, which are aimed to motivate and inspire her followers and also give advice on how to live life to the fullest, without any regrets or negativity. Razia can also be described as a fashionista as she wears and promotes multiple clothing and fashion brands. She is also a makeup enthusiast and has posted reviews on new makeup she has bought on her Instagram stories. Recently, she has also become active on TikTok, which is a video-sharing social networking service that is quickly growing in popularity across the world. Her TikTok videos are quite funny and are very popular amongst her followers, with many of them amassing more than twenty thousand views on Instagram.


Even though Razia strongly believes that happiness and positive vibes are the only way forward, she also realizes that life is not always wonderful and there is always some kind of struggle involved. She herself struggled quite a lot when she was younger and life was especially difficult as a single mother at the age of 21. She was always trying to find a good and healthy way to be happy and now that she has, she uses Instagram and Facebook to help other Asian ladies find positivity and happiness in otherwise hopeless situations. Thus, she aims to give guidance and motivation to others through her own unique life experiences. The about section on her Facebook account says: “I am a Woman whose worth & pleasures can not be discovered in only one night. /I am not meant to be conquered. /I am meant to be cherished.” This shows that she has a strong sense of self and is very confident in her own skin and thus, wants to help others live life the way she does: unafraid and on her own terms. It is clear that Razia’s hope to make a difference is working and that she has had a positive impact on many people’s lives, and continues to do so. 

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