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In a world where the traditional platform for modeling has become quite obsolete, and Instagram has taken over to promote artists to drive their career advancement, creative expression, and a way to earn money independent of any agency. This creative freedom has helped many models to start their careers on their own and gain popularity. Still, at the same time, it is also hard for models to fund a unique and recognizable identity amongst a plethora of competition. In this contest to be a top model, Rada Mzradadarling has made quite a name for herself in the modeling community. Her Instagram has about 113,000 followers, which exhibits the fact that her art is appreciated and inspires many people.

She is known as Mz Rada in the modeling and music world. Rada has had affiliations with a famous Ghanian-American actor- Michael Blackson, who has collaborated with some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, like Akon. Michael is considered to be one of the funniest comedians in America and has a lot of fans who look forward to seeing him. Mz Rada’s relationship with Michael Blackson is not a secret from the world; in fact, Rada’s Instagram depicts her comfort being in this relationship. Their fans adore them together and look forward to seeing more of their couple goals pictures as they are inspiring for many young boys and girls. Rada is very straightforward about her lifestyle and her goals; she is determined and working hard towards achieving those goals. 

Raza owns a business called MZRADADARLING, where they sell a broad array of Cannabidiol Products, which is an alternative solution for relaxation, anxiety, and love for one’s body. The company aims to serve an alternative way that is a safer and natural way of healing and feeling better than using heavily industrialized pharmaceuticals. Cannabidiol is short for CBD and found in hemp plants. Rada’s has utilized the healing benefits of CBD and made products out of it that helps people by working as a remarkable pain-killer; it reduces mind-chatter, diminishes stress, and anxiety. Rada’s company has found various ways to tailor CBD to suit each person’s requirements, and this comes in the form of oils,  creams, lotions, edibles, etc. To provide their customers with products that give the best result, Rada and her team have hand-selected ingredients. Then they run multiple tests on these products to ensure their reliability. Rada is incredibly responsible, and she is transparent about her work and the results of it. On her website, a potential customer can see the results of each test run on a product; this has gained her reliability from customers. 

Rada also has another skincare business venture that goes by the name of Kanna Glow. It has both an Instagram- kanna_glow and a website- Rada does not only help people by making products that would suit their needs but also takes out time to educate people about the harms of industrialized pharmaceuticals. She encourages people to learn about the advantages of CBD, such as- how it’s used and how it can be most effective. This feat has drawn her quite dedicated customers. Kanna Glow’s products are also available on Rada’s main website. Even in this venture, she is extremely straightforward about the products and ingredients used in the final product that is ready for sale; this helps in raising awareness about the advantages of each component and let people know beforehand if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. 

Rada believes in self-care and taking out time to take care of one’s mental and physical health. She likes to help people deal with their struggles by talking about her own experiences. She is known to be a gorgeous model but also an extremely kind person who looks out for everyone despite being successful in her professional life. If anyone wants to look her up, here is the link to her social media (

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