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The evolution of news channels over the years has greatly impacted the number of audiences engaging in the news. Talking about radio news, in particular, the evolution took a lot of years to establish it into something people would look forward to during a time of their day. Back then the radio news was reliant on news stated in the newspaper read by an announcer. People didn’t find it appealing enough to devote their time to it. However, with time, the radio news evolved and advanced into more categories that caught the audience’s attention and made a major comeback into today’s era offering an added deep connection to events.

One well-established radio station that has been going consistent for over 10 years now is recognized by the name “Premier Gospel Radio”. This radio station serves as the main hub for Christian news and music in the United Kingdom. It serves as the most esteemed radio station for the Christians as it is solely focused on playing Christians music and news. The production of this radio house dates back to when there was a dire need for purely gospel music in the region of the UK. Standing up with the Christians, this radio station took birth and featured all sorts of music genres ranging from hip-hop or r&b to afro-beats or reggae. It took a step to bring amazing artists out there in the open to showcase their music that would otherwise not get played due to it being strictly Christian based.

The premier gospel is a very well-formed radio station. It is not an ordinary, average radio station. It has a website one can visit at “”. The website has multiple different aspects attached to it. There are sections allocated for each category one can readily get hold of. Some of those categories listed on the very top are called as “your favorite 50”, “my story”, “living room concerts”, “shows”, etc and each of these educate, entertain and provide viewers and listeners with wholesome content.

‘My story’ is a section that is a newly added feature on the Premier Gospel. It aims to share stories from such individuals who have been under different challenges hindering their growth. The stories are shared to re-awaken the trust in God and his truly outstanding command on everything and to uplift the people enduring harsh times in their lives. Similarly, ‘living room concerts’ is also a newly introduced series that features performances from some of the most demanded artists. The specialty of this feature is that one can enjoy the performances right through the sofa of a home and not having to worry about the safe journey back home. Alongside these unique features, there is a section allocated to blogs. These blogs contribute towards educating, informing, and enabling people to gain awareness on multiple social issues regarding Christians.

Premier Gospel Radio now has become a leading Christian radio channel. With the success that has come its way so far, it has been privileged enough to get in touch with some of the most renowned names in the media industry. It has interviewed Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child to comedians like Steve Harvey who attributed his success to faith in God. Since this radio started it has interviewed big personalities who are Christian and in Steve’s case, the 15-minute conversation turned into an hour of laughter, life talks, and fun. Many other interviews featuring Keisha Buchanan, Joseph Solomon, and Keedron Bryant are up in the station’s Youtube channel, and this is how the station works successfully uploading updates on their various social platforms. Today, Premier Radio stands out in its unique way and is relished by the Christians who had difficulty finding Christian music of all genres and the news that belonged to them solely.

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