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The expansion in the entertainment industry has widely increased over the past years. With the introduction of the latest technologies into our daily lives, the industry has people hooked on to the new TV shows, films, and music greatly. The demand of viewers has enabled a lot of businesses to come forward and invest rightly to escalate their way up beating others in the same field. A lot of new opportunities are seen in this field as it is experiencing the growth phase. Many career choices have been enhanced and multiple platforms are welcoming new talented individuals across the world to work for them.

A highly proficient, creative mind in the very field goes by the name Peter Wilson. Peter is a creative name known in the media industry. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Peter has heightened his way high up the rest, making marks recognized by many. Peter has always been driven towards creativity. When he switched his career from hospitality to media, it was time he identified where his true passion endured. Since a young age, Peter took interest in story-telling and hence built up a capability to design and formulate such stories that challenge a human mind. Peter’s main focus that revolves around his clients is to read in between the lines, identifying the hidden, the unspoken. He uses this ability to create content that is not only moving but engaging at the same time.

Peter, after getting acknowledged on a greater level started with working in film finance. Soon after, he found himself immersed as a producer in the industry. He has gained experience both as an Executive Producer and as a Production Manager in various television formats, feature films, etc. As a result of his unmatchable creativity, he was able to become an important part of the crew of some of the most outstanding feature films. From “The Messenger”, to “Away”, some of the well-known films have been produced under Peter’s directions.

Attaining the height of accomplishments one after another, Peter dived into a venture, and founded a company called “Nouveau Media UK”. It is a media-based company that came into life 3 years ago. The company is based in London and has grown into a prominent platform since the beginning of 2017, the year of its foundation. The idea that revolves around the company is to build a reputation in very gripping storylines. Putting all the experiences into work, Peter ensures that the documentaries, series, and films are driven through passion and enthusiasm. The goal of this company is to inspire the viewers to a bigger extent worldwide.

Peter, being a well-informed personality has done things that are a step towards the progress of the world. With the pandemic that has predominated the entire world, Peter worked in dedicating his time to producing a documentary called Covid-19 – To Hell and Back. In the documentary, Peter featured the real-life stories of people suffering as a result of this pandemic. Following the series, Peter was approached and commissioned to produce a drama series in the same context. Through the constant work and business profit, Peter has utilized it for the betterment of the industry as he has financed it for films, property, and other investments.

Peter, today, acts as an inspiration and a remarkable name in the media industry. He has used his passion for creativity to engage the viewers and generate profits through his growing businesses. Currently, Peter is working to bring into life a brand new show called “Students”. It is expected to be released in 2021 and has already gained popularity through celebrities like David Hasselhoff and Lindsay Lohan.

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