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Music is one of the most powerful things the world has to offer. No matter what race or religion or nationality or sexual orientation or gender that you are, it has the power to unite and heal us. Everyday many people find shelter under the name of music, a place where they feel included and welcomed. Music gives people a home that grants them a purpose to live and carry on. Fortunately, some people realize the importance of music has and want to return the favor of finding their safe haven by spreading more music out in the world. One such individual is Paris Palenzuela.

Paris Palenzuela, who is professionally known as FatBoi 88, is a twenty-six-year-old musical entrepreneur, a managing artist, artist development consultant, arranger, record executive and producer, and promoter. He is more prominent for assisting multiple artists with marketing strategy, as that is how he jumpstarted his career.

Paris always found himself tied to music from a very young age. He doesn’t remember when or how it happened, but music became his life, his reason to exist. He could not even go a day without listening to it. However, he didn’t consider this as his career path until he found himself helping some artists with their sound in a studio. To this day, this is his most cherished memory as it changed his entire life. He realized that his relationship with music is extremely special to such an extent that it led him to make a courageous decision; to follow his dream. 

However, his rise was not all sunshine and rainbows. Because of Paris’s hard work, diligence, and self-belief, no matter what hurdle life threw at him, he conquered them all. As he sowed the seed of relentless determination and hard work, it reaped into myriad doors of offers. Some of the most remarkable offers that he received were: ”to be the manager of the upcoming renowned artist Hollywood Evans and producer Djoudrjy Chiffr AKA Djdadon On Da Track”. While working with these two, word got out of Paris’s immense talent and skill. This news took the music industry by storm, and within a few days, many wanted to work with him.

Being in this field for eight years, Paris Palenzuela has many memorable moments to reminisce about. Still, there is one in particular that he could never look back at without having a proud smile on his face. It is when he was out of town while working with Hollywood Evans and Djoudrjy Chiffr on their music video, he noticed that he had received many calls. Upon picking up the phone, he realized it was labeled reaching out to him. He’d finally begun to attain what he had set out achieve. Receiving recognition and offers for their work is something every artist dreams of getting since their first day.

Paris is a successful artist, who doesn’t like to cage himself in bars of one job as he believes that possibilities are endless. While Paris has an undying love for music, there is one more thing he cherishes a lot: fashion. Similar to music, its wide range and freedom of expression genuinely fascinate him. After finding himself drawn towards it, he decided to try his hand in this world as a creator as well. Thus, he is currently working on his clothing line called Pluto Wrld, which will include backpacks with a unique and exquisite look.

To promote his upcoming clothing line and his work, he has made his Instagram account, @_fatboi88, where he gives scoops into his everyday life too. He has almost eighteen thousand followers, and with his popularity, this number keeps on increasing. 

Whether it is the field of fashion or music, making a name for oneself is not an easy feat. Besides having skills, both of them require an immense amount of determination and will power. Each day myriads of people try their luck in these fields with the hope of hitting big, but only those make it through who have the aforementioned qualities. There is no room for doubt in acknowledging that Paris Palenzuela made achieving all this success look easy. The best part of it all is that his journey hasn’t ended, the best has yet to come. His entire experience is an inspiration for all of us- illustrating how you shouldn’t go for a career path that pays more. Instead, follow your heart when it comes to deciding your career, and give your maximum effort if you want to be even one fourth as successful as Paris.

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