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Plato has once stated, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” And he is very much true in his saying because music is healing and because of its pleasing effects on ears and soothing effects on mind and soul, it is loved by all and every person enjoys listening to it. It accompanies people in every situation and there are many artists in the music industry who with their captivating voice and mesmerizing music can easily make people’s hearts dance over their lyrics. In this connection, this article introduces you to a highly talented, incredibly energetic and gifted artist whose name is Orville Kelly Staines.

Orville Kelly Staines is 19 years old and a multi-talented and multi-dimensional artist. He besides being a musician with a melodious voice is an entrepreneur who owns two businesses and is a CEO. He has just started doing music because he has a natural tendency towards music since his childhood. He has realized that he with his musical talents is capable enough to entertain and enthrall people. That’s why he has been passionate about music. The reason for his growing popularity is not his business but his music. He has always been well aware of the fact that music demands artists to do their best and bring the best out of them in their every performance and for this; they need to work hard and keep practicing. That’s why Staines has been burning the midnight oil and striving hard to have a unique identity in the industry. He has received a lot of recognition in no time and been where he is today just because of his musical talents. His music is worth listening to and can easily be found on all music and streaming networks. 

In addition to this, Orville Kelly Staines is an artist who believes in being optimistic because he is conscious of the fact that optimism leads one to have a successful career and happy life and that’s why he always focuses on the positive and brighter aspects of life. He does not want himself to be surrounded by negativity because of the fact that negativity besides discouraging people distracts them from their path to success. It even disturbs people’s peace of mind. That’s why Staines is always found to be surrounded by positive and open-minded people because circumstances always matter a lot. He even does not pay his heed to the negative voices around him. Additionally, He has lovable, adorable, and influencing personality with an impressive lifestyle and has been a role model for youngsters of his age because he unlike most them does not waste his time in idle gossips and useless things.

Apart from this, Orville Kelly Staines is gregarious who loves social gatherings a lot. He easily mingles with people because of his friendly nature and has always been very kind and polite to them. Besides being social, he is a very cheerful artist who knows how to enjoy and make his every moment of life memorable. Furthermore, he does not miss any opportunity and is always found busy pursuing his musical career. Despite being busy he at a very young age has been able to learn how to manage his personal, professional, and social life simultaneously. He is found active on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter and has got a huge fan following in no time. This can be known from the fact that he on his Instagram account has garnered 10.9k followers and has 1.97k subscribers on his YouTube channel. The circle of his fans and followers is swelling with each passing day and this is all because of his musical talents and strong social networking skills. Through his social media accounts, he keeps updating his fans and followers about his lifestyle. More can be learned about this versatile artist if he is followed on his social media accounts and one can easily enjoy his music on his YouTube channel. The links to his social media accounts and YouTube channel are given below. 




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