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Open Eye Crystals is a crystal and metaphysical retail store and meditation studio owned by Madison Young based in the US. They offer their customers a wide range of selection of crystals and many more services such as live talks, classes, and events. They have adapted easily to shifting all their services online during these unprecedented times.

Madison was always a bright one. All things that were mystical and metaphysical interested her from an early age. She was a bright child in school, who thought of things that other kids did not. She found the world intriguing and was always eager to learn more about what other children considered strange. As Madison got older, her interests diversified and so did her passions.

She discovered the world of crystals as she grew up. She found it mystical and interesting, however, it was not until her twenties that she got invested in crystals. Madison went through a very tough year in her life last year. She was facing some major health problems which brought her to the edge. While she was mustering up the strength to keep fighting, she rediscovered crystals and their healing power. She wished to share her findings with the rest of the world.

Madison decided to launch her own dream crystal business and mediation space. After she recovered, she immediately got to work on her plan. She made sure to make her plan airtight – which she managed very well. Madison finally launched her business and has been smooth sailing since. She has had major support from her friends and family to make her launch successful.

Open Eye Crystals offers customers a variety of different products and services to its clients. They offer specially selected crystals from all over the world to bring their clients the best of the best. These are displayed throughout their brick and mortar store in Los Angeles. Their crystals range from $0.5 to $37,000 – there is certainly something for everyone at Open Eye Crystals. They have very regular live sales on Friday which brings a lot of attention to them.

In addition to crystals, Open Eye Crystals also offer their customers beautiful sets of tarot cards, pillar candles, metaphysical reference books, gems, and many more items for a range of spiritual rituals. At the back of the shop, they also have a relaxing meditation room for those who wish to avail it. It is equipped with all the right relaxation and zen materials such as rugs, warm lighting, and much more. They surely offer plenty.


Currently, the successful store has over 12k followers on Instagram. They upload a wide variety of content to their page almost every single day and make sure to keep their followers updated with the latest news on the store. They also have an aesthetically pleasing website where one may find all their details and listings. Madison has also been featured in a few articles.

Their Instagram is everything a diverse store like Open Eye Crystals should be. All their posts are straightforward and to the point – explaining exactly what their product is and how it looks. Most of their posts show the latest crystals they have in stock for their customers. They have diverse crystals such as transparent, black, pink, green, textured, and much more. You name it, they have it.

Moreover, they have created a name for themselves as they have made good use of this time during the pandemic. Madison has frequent live stories where she talks directly to her clients through a wonderful meditation session. This has proven to be quite popular among her followers. Additionally, Open Eye Crystals posts other relatable content such as memes and videos.

Open Eye Crystals is certainly seeing great success in their business. They have managed to rise through the ranks and turn so many skeptics into believers. They are hoping to become a leading American brand in this field shortly.

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