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Fitness is the key to a happier and healthier life. Long has it been discussed that a healthy diet and a consistent, active lifestyle are the keys to better living and prolong the human lifespan far more than any of the world’s finest medicines. To live a stronger, healthier, more secure life one must care for their body like it’s a sacred monument. To combat diseases that may arise with age and occur as a result of poor living and eating habits, important choices need to be made in not only one’s food intake but also their daily activities.

It is for these purposes that fitness instructors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and other professionals are increasingly in demand these days. Through careful analyses and trial and error methods, these professionals develop the exact set of requirements that are tailored to each individual as per their age, health status, metabolism, etc. Among these professionals is one Omar Wael Bader Alessa, a fitness influencer, a personal trainer, and the owner of Inshape Fitness. Active as a professional all around the Arabian Gulf and offering consultancy through his website to all GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) regions, Omar has his schedule packed.

Omar’s endeavors in fitness and associated components have garnered mass appeal and as a result, his website and personal accounts have gained quite a lot of traction. Omar’s methods and execution of carefully planned activities have been praised throughout the Gulf regions, with customers commenting on how a membership with Inshape Fitness greatly impacted and changed their lives for the better. The entire process was like a fresh start from a poor lifestyle to a much better, healthier one. With meticulously detailed sections dedicated to individual workout techniques, time management, activities to strengthen stamina, as well as proper diet plans that outline calorie intake and management, there is something for everyone here at Inshape Fitness.

Among the many different subsets that Omar focuses and revolves his fitness plans around, five of the most important ones that require immense attention and are important for overall toning of the body are: lower body workout, upper body flexibility workout, lower body flexibility workout, upper body push and pull workout, and core workout. These workouts range from varying degrees of difficulty and intensity and are tailored according to individual customer needs. Through a simple sign up for a membership, one can easily have their needs listed and addressed accordingly, allocating time for each activity responsibly, and according to their body’s endurance.

Besides his extensively detailed website, Omar is also active across social media platforms making Inshape Fitness accessible to everyone regardless of location barriers. Omar frequently posts video snippets of his workout sessions, time spent with associated machines and out for a run, etc. He also posts photos with his close friends and relatives, whom he always manages to take time out for out of his busy schedules. It is endearing and inspiring to see how diligently one can lead their lives if they are just a little more responsible for managing their time.

As previously iterated, a healthy life is a life lived well. To have prosperity and happiness from one’s surroundings it is equally important for one to be happy from within. This is only achievable through consistent efforts to take care of yourself and watch out for your health. As Omar has shown time and again, there is no blessing greater than fitness, and this is a lesson that everyone can take away something from. If you would like to find out more information regarding this talented individual, keep up with his lifestyle and daily routines, or follow personal meal plans that he actively shares, be sure to check Omar Wael Bader Alessa out on his Instagram account: @inshape_.

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