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Omar Wael Hassan Al Hassan was born and raised in Iraq. As he was growing up, he moved to UAE and has been living there ever since. Since childhood, Omar has been passionate about the art of film making. Being artistic, creative, and imaginative is not something that you choose to be and can learn from practice; in fact, these abilities are something that you are born with innately. And, to capture a moment without losing its essence is an essential part of film making and it requires one to be imaginative and creative. Omar’s interest is capturing moments, and he discovered this talent by himself at a young age. He would find himself creating stories and scenes from the family pictures and videos, visualizing how to accentuate the scene, and even picking out which music would go well with it. He understands how to convey his thoughts and emotions through his camera. Omar has a keen sense of acknowledging microscopic details that makes his work so satisfying to watch. 

Omar has the vision to create something beautiful out of the monotonous stillness of life.  He also has the talent to make his vision into something more substantial that could be enjoyed by people. Film-making itself is a giant industry- from directing to sound design, from special effects to pro-editing. It’s a diverse field, and one can pick any specific field from this massive selection and converge focus upon it. But what is especially unique about Omar is that he does not only shoots his films, but he also directs them and edits them. He has a rare-talent for film-making. In a world of Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook- it is hard to grab the attention of the audience who are merely seeking good content at the speed of the timeline scroll. Omar’s content is not only captivating, but he also can keep his audience engaged by using a variety of techniques, and he introduces many people along with him in his videos to keep the perspective fresh and objective. Moving to UAE has helped Omar in spreading his imaginative forces and ultimately producing great quality artwork. He is grateful for all the support and opportunities he has received while living in the UAE. 

Omar’s interest mostly inclined towards Martial Arts, which is any form of fighting and a combat art that has a specific way of performing. Martial arts practiced for many reasons such as- fighting, self-defense, self-expression, meditation, fitness. Omar finds glory in this particular form of art and makes his movies on it. He has a Youtube channel created on 4th August 2018, and ever since then, he has been vlogging on various topics. He has several videos launched on discussing Martial Art- especially about the UAE Warriors, who are a professional mixed martial arts organization and television content provider based in Abu Dhabi. Omar has been making films since he was 18 years old, and with time his skills have developed so much so that he is recognized now for his work on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu film, which is a self-defense martial art and combat sport including grappling, ground fighting and submission holds.

Omar possesses a myriad of talents, but he is also very passionate about adventures and extreme sports. He likes to spend his time improving his boxing skills. Through his Instagram, one can deduce that Omar is adventurous with mountain biking, mountain climbing, and skateboarding experiences.  He likes to take risks and experience all the thrilling moments’ life has to offer. Omar lives in the moment to be able to appreciate it.  He further conveys that sense of adventure to his viewers through his blogs and grants them the experiences of beautiful places in the world. Omar’s ardor for filmmaking is so extensive that nothing can hold him back from holding his camera and producing engaging and amazing quality of content. If anyone wants to look him up, his social media link is ommar.wx.

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