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Nigerian contemporary music, also known as Nigerian Afropop, is as diverse as the country itself. The music genre covers an array of languages, cultures, histories, political movements, and personal stories. The music combines jazz music with brass band music. It heavily borrows from American funk and soul music. Nigerian Afropop music is not only famous in Nigeria but is also heard all across the world.  Oluwayanmife Daniel Ayomide Ajiboye, better known for his stage name “MIFE”, is a popular Nigerian Afropop singer. His music has now become a trending act in the Nigerian Afropop genre. Oluwayanmife has made quite a name for himself in the music industry. His fanbase is ever-growing where people love and admire all the music that he releases.

Oluwayanmife was born on 17th November 1994. He was the last born in a family of 5. Even at a very young age, Oluwayanmife was very passionate about music. He was musically gifted and talented. He started singing music at a church choir. His soulful and beautiful voice was praised by many. However, at that time, he didn’t think of pursuing music professionally. He kept on practicing music as a hobby while he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ilorin in 2015. He graduated with second class honors in History and International Relations. Soon after, Oluwayanmife decided to take music up as a proper career. Music offered him a chance to express all his emotions and feelings. He was able to play the drums and the keyboard. And apart from singing, he also started writing his own songs. In 2016, he started working on music officially when he got a record deal with Rare Gem Entertainment. The recording company saw great potential in Oluwayanmife when they decided to sign him up. With his success, Oluwayanmife showed the world how gifted he is.

Oluwayanmife started his music career with the release of his single titled “Banga”. The pop song was very catchy and soon people started listening to it. The song had good instruments and vibes which were produced by the hitmaker “FAC-3”. The song got over 100,000 streams in 24 hours. That’s when Oluwayanmife knew that he was going to make it big in the music industry. With the success of his first single, he became confident of his abilities to bring about a new era of music in the Nigerian Afropop genre. He worked on many songs including Kokoka, Psych, Bamijo, Kabash, and many others. His fans always keep on asking him to make more of his catchy tunes. Oluwayanmife also has a very successful YouTube channel with over 1000 subscribers. His channel keeps on growing every day as he posts more of his music on it. He has also released an official music video for one of his songs called “Psych”. The music video got over 12k videos and has been Oluwayanmife’s most viewed video so far. 

Oluwayanmife has gotten so much fame in very little time. He is always humbled by his experience as he constantly thanks God for all that he has achieved so far. Oluwayanmife is also currently single, with no kids. When he is not making catchy pop tunes, he can be seen as being very active on social media, especially on Instagram. He posts snippets of his songs and music videos on Instagram to create a hype about his upcoming music. He also posts behind the scene videos from his recording studio to show his fans how all the music he makes is authentic. Not only that, but he can also be seen posting very artistic portraits of himself. For more information, people can follow him on Instagram at @mifeofficial.

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