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Bakary Nimaga is a 25-year-old Malian football player. Currently, he plays the position of an attacking midfielder for the Austrian football club TSV Hartberg. He was born in Doula, Cameroon but his family moved back to Mali when he was still a child. He grew up with his three brothers and four sisters. Growing up, he undertook work with his uncle at a local market and was able to help his family financially while he also funded his passion for football and joined the Stade Malien Academy. When he was 15, Bakary moved to South Africa where he joined a Youth Academy, followed by a stint at the FC Twente academy in the Netherlands, then a move to Germany. Eventually, he returned to Mali. 

In 2013, Bakary signed his very first professional contract with Skënderbeu Korçë, a successful Albanian club. He played for the club in 5 League and 2 Albanian club games, ending his stint with his team winning the Albanian Superliga for the third consecutive year. He has had a very illustrious career. In August 2014 he led his team to victory at the 2014 Albanian Supercup by scoring the only goal of the match. By May 2015, he had already played 50 matches, which is remarkable for a young player. He helped his team qualify for the UEFA Champions League in 2015 by scoring against the Crusaders in a crucial match. During the 2015 Europa League, he scored a difficult goal against Sporting and led his team to a 3-0 victory. During the 2015-2016 season, Bakary played 30 matches. He commenced the 2016-17 season with a win against Butrinti Sarandë where he scored 4 goals and his team eventually won 8-0. Bakary has also represented the Mali U-20 squad in 2013 U-20 FIFA World Cup in Turkey.

Bakary left Skendebeu Korce in 2018 and posted a heartfelt goodbye on his Instagram where he expressed how he would miss everyone there and was thankful for the time he had spent there and all that he had learnt. Bakary currently plays for TSV Hartberg. Hartberg was established in 1946 and belongs to the Austrian Football Association. Their stadium is in the Styria Hartberg district capital and functions as venue for football matches, athletic events, and even music concerts. Hartberg’s performance in the 2019/2020 Austrian Bundesliga was deemed promising by and they cited Bakary’s role in the team as an important factor.  The club does not have a very high market value and thus has been able to do better than expected. 


Bakary’s position as a midfielder means he must play a disciplined defensive role and be mobile and efficient in passing. Midfielders often have the added pressure of being the fittest on the team as they have the most possession during a match and travel the greatest distance. Bakary can be seen training on a number of his posts on Instagram, which shows his dedication to the sport. Bakary likes horse-riding in his free time and has expressed how much he enjoys it on his Instagram.

Bakary understands how instrumental Instagram can be in connecting people. He hopes his fans will follow him and help him reach a million followers. Instagram has also helped his agent make contacts and help him further his football career. He also thinks that since he is a professional football player, he has many interesting things to share with his followers. He makes many posts about the matches he plays in and motivates himself, his team, and even his followers. He preaches the importance of patience to his followers, acknowledging that it is a difficult process but the rewards it brings make it worth it.

Tracing the trajectory of Bakary’s career shows that he is an emerging top player and will make his mark in the world of football. 

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