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Nicholas Ryan Dent is an actor and musician whose been acting professionally for over 10 years. He is widely known as “Nick Dent”. His passion for acting started when he was a kid, he then went on to take acting lessons and got the opportunity to act in major motion pictures. His work has been doing well and he has recently started a series. His recent work has combined his passion for music and acting with his newfound love for fitness and he has produced content that aims to motivate people to get fit. He is a multi-talented and ambitious individual who will surely go far in the world of acting and music.

His journey into the world of acting started when he was very young. Years ago, his brother acquired a VHS camera on his birthday. This led to them creating short films all summer. These homemade movies were short and fun. They did not restrict themselves to one genre and made movies that were comedic, action-based, and even scary. They were also creative with how they filmed the movies and used different perspectives and angles to enhance the narrative of the film.

Nicholas’s passion for movies led him to pursue it as a profession. In his early 20s, he took acting lessons and this allowed him to qualify for the role of an extra in the feature motion picture “Extraordinary Measures”. The film was shot in Portland, Oregon, and starred top actors, Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser. He has many fond memories from the set of Extraordinary Measures. Brendan let him play a game on his phone and Nick also attracted Harrison Ford’s attention. 

He is now involved in many different ventures that allow his different talents to shine through. He has recently started a series called “Muscles and Meals”. The show is designed to help people get fit through exercise and healthy eating. It not only promotes fitness but encourages people to work out so they can feel good about themselves and their bodies. He has also recently landed a major role which he is extremely excited for. He has been cast as a co-star for a movie called “The 211 Home”. He will be playing the husband of Sharonne Lanier’s character; Sharonne is a well-respected actress in the industry. The movie will be directed by the famous Jim Huggins and the talented Jeff Schneider will be Director of Photography. Nicholas is excited to bring his touch to the production and is also looking forward to learning from the other great artists he will work with. He has also continued his music career and recently came out with a song called “Biceps” which can be found on YouTube. The song is accompanied by a fun cartoon video.


Artists these days must build an online profile to promote their work and gain new fans. Nicholas has worked hard to maintain a prominent online presence. He can be found on Instagram as @thenickdent and has amassed a following of over 42 thousand people and reach 50 thousand followers soon. He uses his Instagram as a platform where he can share his work and interact with his followers. He has shared snippets from his fitness series where he can be seen working out and cooking healthy and energizing meals. One of his recent posts shares an interview he did with His fans and followers enjoy his posts and he regularly interacts with them in the comments section.

Nicholas is a rising star in the world of film and music. His passion and ambition have landed him major roles. He has also released quality music and has taken the initiative to start his series. He will be working on many exciting projects in the future and they will surely take him to new heights of success and he will leave a mark in the world of film and music.

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