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There are only a few people who have a hard-working nature to follow their passion. They set their goals from a very young age and spend every moment to fulfill their dreams. Making every possible decision that will bring them closer to turning their dream into reality and because of that they are the ones living a life they always hoped to one day achieve.

Luckily, Nicholas Kaufman is among such people who can make a living from what they are passionate about. Ever since he was young, he always had an artistic side. He was always engrossed in arts and crafts whereas other kids were into video games. Fortunately for him, he belonged from a loving family that supported his every dream. They encouraged him to follow his passion instead of settling for a desk job. In addition to being a creative child, Nicholas was also a very social and friendly kid. Not only did he love to make friends but also to share his creative side with them. As he grew older his dreams and aspirations turned into his goals and since then he has been working towards achieving them.

Apart from arts, Nicholas’s interest also peeked in houses. He was always fascinated by the real estate and how it worked. Ever since he discovered his interest in houses he decided to lean towards real estate as well. Without wasting any time he started to pursue his passion for both arts and real estate and started to work in an industry where both his passions could be fulfilled. He worked as a real estate agent and sold houses to people looking to settle in after retirement or with their new family. Having a charming and outgoing personality put him at an advantage of connecting to people and through this nature of work he got to meet new people to interact with. Furthermore, to flourish his artistic side he started his own business of jewelry designing where he designed custom diamond jewelry for his customers.

The Diamond Whisperer is the name of Nicholas Kaufman’s jewelry store where he designs and provides consultation for his customers so that they are fully satisfied with the service. The glamorous yet elegant designs that are crafted by Nicholas himself is what makes him the most trusted person to buy from.

Just like every other person Nicholas also has an Instagram page by the name @nichazoid where he actively posts about his daily activities. For his 11.7K followers, he posts about his travels and where his business takes him. It is visible from his Instagram that he is the life of the party and there is never a dull moment hanging out with him. Apart from his friends, he posts about his parents which shows how much he appreciates the support he gets from them. Moreover, being an art enthusiast he yearly attends the Art Basel and posts the art that inspires him the most on his Instagram.

Many people get fascinated by the fact that how Nicholas is handling business and also living a fun life simultaneously and because so many people are curious, he was approached by a major TV network to make a show that revolved around his life. He is currently working on this project and is excited for people to see in-depth of how he handles the business and how he is as a person.

Pursuing his passion and never giving up on his dreams, Nicholas is an epitome of perseverance. He inspires aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and struggling students to show consistency in their work to accomplish things. His determination towards following his passion is what he owes his success to and he will continue to work on his passion projects to live a life without any regrets.

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