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If you are the type of person with an adventurer’s soul you must be interested in looking at tour and travel companies worldwide. There is a hidden sense of adrenaline rush associated with going out of your comfort zone into an exciting new location with beautiful scenery, and heavenly tourist spots. The sheer idea is enough to make you want to jump out of your couch and get on the nearest boat to your destination. Of course, now with a worldwide pandemic having overtaken all countries around the globe, it is difficult to organize proper vacation trips while following the protocol. However, it is best to be optimistic in tough situations, and travel businesses everywhere around the world have steadily adapted to the challenge.

One of many such travel businesses is ‘Nautical Croatia,’ a legally registered travel business currently operating in Croatia. Founder David Cavka when asked about the minutiae of his business replied that it exists solely to show the world how beautiful and breath-taking the sights of Croatia are. The company operates nautical tours to the islands situated along the Adriatic Coast in Croatia and surrounding regions, providing a never before witnessed, sea travel experience. The entire process takes a day at most and is easily accessible through multiple modes of payment.

The best part about the tour is the group size. Generally, the larger the group is, the more of a hassle it becomes to keep everyone in the same loop and on the same schedule. With Nautical Croatia, you can travel in small groups of maximum twelve people allowing you to have a perfectly personalized experience while touring, and enjoying the trip like you would if you went on a private adventure. This is a huge positive of the company as it creates a family-like atmosphere for its customers on their journey. The busiest time of the year for the company is during the intense summer months, where the heat of the Sun contrasts with the cool waters of the sea as the boat tours commence in full swing. The experience is truly magical.

Since the company operates at its biggest scale in the duration of May to November, the recent impact of Covid-19 has affected the company like everything else. To fight against this recession, Nautical Croatia has branched out into the advertising sphere through social media marketing and advertising, creating wondrous travelogues that recount the tales of past trips, provide details on popular packages, and assist interested customers into booking future trips. While the trips may have been postponed till late July, the business is still up and running, flourishing despite trying times. What an amazing feat and a lesson to be learned for every business owner.


The country of Croatia is blessed with otherworldly exotic natural beauty. From islands lining the shore with little restaurants and pubs serving the finest meals in the region, and souvenirs that sing the country’s praise, there’s something for everyone aboard the vessel of Nautical Croatia. If this sounds unbelievable, just visit the image galleries at their official sites, the shots are splendid, awe-inducing, and brilliant. The company is currently on the verge of expanding its reach across multiple social media platforms and is seeking verification for their accounts to add more legitimacy to their business.

The world is the oyster for anyone who wishes to look for an adventure. Time is limited and one should make a trip to somewhere magical as the top priority on their bucket list. You never know when the opportunity will present itself again. If you are interested in admiring the various locations that Nautical Croatia covers in its trips throughout the country be sure to check out their photo catalogs. If you’d like to gather more information or book a trip with fantastic resources and benefits, be sure to contact Nautical Croatia through their official website, or their Instagram account: @nauticalcroatia.

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