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Hair is one of the first things that are noticeable about a person’s personality. If it’s too dull and unruly, it gives a negative first impression. Speaking of first impressions, we all know how important those are. Hair is not just an accessory; it is a big part of who we are. And more often than not, when you meet someone, they will judge your hygiene habits a whole lot by how much you take care of your hair. After all, it’s definitely off-putting to see a sloppy, unkempt head of hair.

Nausica Jean-Francois is a hair magician, hairstylist, and entrepreneur based in New York. Ever since she was a young girl, she had dreamt of becoming a beautician; a hair beautician in particular. Being a black girl with naturally thick, luscious hair, there was a large variety of hairstyles that she put her hair in while growing up. She had always received compliments on her immaculate hairstyles and the way she always kept them healthy. She developed a passion for it, it became her dream to help others who wanted to achieve their own hair goals.

She started to study to become a beautician when she was still in high school. She balanced her school work with her beauty school and eventually, she graduated both with flying colors. Her impressive skills landed her job opportunities in reputable local beauty salons. After providing her services to a large clientele, she took the next step towards her ultimate goal; this step was opening her own salon. 

Seven years after graduating from both high school and as a beautician, she opened her first beauty salon in Jamaica, New York. It was a small, homey salon where she built a loyal clientele. She received accolades and appreciation for the perfection with which she dealt with her clients, not to mention stellar reviews by both customers and critics. She was a hit! Seeing the quality of her work and her extensive experience, her clientele grew so large that her small beauty clinic was no longer enough.

By the time she was twenty-nine, Nausica opened her second beauty salon in Queens Village, New York. Her second salon was a hit as well, and she received the same praise and applause. When asked for the secret behind her success and loyal clientele, Nausica simply states that the most important thing about being a beautician is to be passionate about your work and be honest in what you do. If you have those things covered, nothing can come in your way. Despite her success, Nausica remains humble and has not forgotten her roots as she deals with each client with the same warmth and care as when she was first getting started.

As her customer base grew, so did their demands. And if there is one thing Nausica is known for, it is catering to exactly what her clients want until they are satisfied with their experience. A large number of her clients complained about not being able to find non-shedding, soft to touch, virgin, good quality bundles for weaving, or quality wigs. After trying to find the best weaves and wigs to provide her clients with, Nausica realized that with twenty years of hair experience under her belt, she was more than qualified to start her own hairline. That way, she could ensure that her clients receive only the best quality products, products that she could vouch for with her eyes closed. 

So, that is exactly what she did. She gathered all the knowledge she has acquired over the twenty years that she had been in business and started her own hairline with the best resources that she could ger her hands on. 

Today, her hair collection named “nausicahaircollections” also known as “luxuryhair4u” has been in the market for over two years. She has sold thousands of dollars’ worth of hair products, bundles, and wigs. Her aim is to keep improving her products so that she can make people smile every time they purchase from her.

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