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Nathaniel Lanken is what you call a connoisseur and fanatic of all things automotive and jeep related. He has founded trends in the offroad and automotive aftermarket community. He blazes trails with original ideas and pushes limits on what is possible on automotive platforms, thus Nathaniel has built an empire for himself. He has bought, repaired and sold over hundreds of vehicles so far, and has amassed more than a decade of experience that has allowed him to make a global name for himself on social media, so much so that multiple other automotive companies made him their Vice President of Social Media Marketing. Nathaniel is now also the owner of multiple successful companies and has launched a YouTube channel – that has been proving him very successful. 

As a young child, Nathaniel would lovingly work for his father “flipping” cars – which means to buy cars in desperate need of repair, fix them, and sell them to earn a profit. Nathaniel learned a lot from his father doing this, giving him a competitive edge over his peers that lacked the skills he developed. Nathaniel would also help build custom bikes with his father, where his love for specialty vehicles started to develop. Nathaniel is now an absolute lover of classic cars and jeeps, as he collects them for himself as a passion project on the side. He frequently visits and hosts drag racing events, off-roading trips, car shows, cruises, and custom car events. 

In terms of education, Nathaniel chose to study music in university – and subsequently received his degree for audio engineering and media orchestration. After this, he decided to move to Las Vegas in around 2014. Realizing he needed to find a job quickly to pay his bills, Nathaniel applied for all jobs automotive related. He eventually found work at a junkyard, where he kept slaving away until he luckily found a position at an exotic car rental company. Here Nathaniel developed his interpersonal and salesman skills more and more as he worked up the career ladder into a senior position in the firm. 

Nathaniel then successfully founded his own “Timeless Motors” Car Dealership. Many other automotive firms started to take a liking in how he handled his social media marketing – which was gaining a lot of traction – thus offering Nathaniel a senior position as Vice President of these companies. Thus, Nathaniel produced, organized, and created content for automotive companies like Avid Essentials, Adroit Cycleworks, and Roam Offroad, just to name a few. On top of this, Nathaniel started his company “Off-Grid Research” and its parent company “Timeless Holdings” for Jeep aftermarket parts. He is looking forward to developing new products for the Jeep aftermarket community and Jeep Renegade platform under his companies. Aside from this, Nathaniel created “Las Vegas Jeep life” – a Jeep Club of over 2500 people in Las Vegas – which has held Charity events, Public service events such as National park clean-ups, and more!


Moreover, Nathaniel used his years of experience as an original content creator to delve into YouTube – which now has gathered over 100k views. He regularly creates videos relating to Jeep Adventures, Automotive How-to Guides, as well as in-depth introductions to one of a kind cars and jeeps. In doing so, Nathaniel has amassed a large following of aficionados who look to him for automotive advice of all sorts. Over on his Instagram, Nathaniel has gained a large following of more than 19.5k enthusiasts. Here he posts a wide variety of content ranging from gorgeous images of classic cars and powerful jeeps to videos of Nathaniel enjoying off-roading, car shows, and gatherings of his Jeep Club. He also loves engaging with his fans through “behind the scenes” Instagram Highlights detailing car photoshoots, charity events, and friendly conversations or advice. It is safe to say Nathaniel Larkan is a man in love with what he does as it is evident across his social media platforms. To engage with Nathaniel, the automotive expert, his social media has been linked below:

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