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In today’s era, it is very essential to be able to stand autonomously. There are many opportunities out there that might benefit one according to their choice of field. Considering the music industry solely, there is a vast scope for an individual aiming to set up their career. However, the idea of staying unique and building way up is known only to those aspiring to grow in a field where large competition exists. 

Natalie Suero is a woman highly capable and experienced in her field. She has been a part of the music industry over the past 10 years and is the sole owner of a record label and a recording studio. Besides this, she also owns a digital distribution company that acts as a middleman between the record labels and the major online stores and streaming sites. Working independently through her company, Natalie has been able to promote many talented artists to reach the height of success and recognition. 

For Natalie, choosing this specific career path was not hard. Since a young age, Natalie was inclined towards music and amazed by what surrounded it and helped in its production and delivery. The primary stage of climbing the stairs of this career in her case included working on distribution for artists that were new and unsigned. Gradually, as she got hold of the process and generated enough revenue, it eventually resulted in her planning to get established entirely on her own. 

The radio station Natalie owns in the Dominican Republic goes by the name “Yo Soy Urbano”. The radio station in this digital era is a solid example of pure innovation, as it focuses deeply on the quality of sound and the latest programs being used to produce it. Its main goal is to satisfy the listeners and increase the number of recommendations to grow as a business. Another company, also known as the parent company for Yo Soy Urbano is “Make Good Music, LLC”. This company’s key role is to help artists get promoted on an independent basis. Partnering with InnerCat Music Group, Natalie runs her digital distribution. Being partners with InnerCat music has enabled growth for Natalie’s company as it is a huge platform already who has earned over has 1000 artists and labels’ trust for the distribution of their recordings. 

Natalie has several Instagram accounts each separately handled for her businesses. Her account goes by the name @larealtia, furthermore, both of her business accounts can be reached at @makegoodmusic and @yosoyurbanoradio respectively. Through proper marketing and planning out multiple strategies, Natalia has grown greatly in the businesses she is in the hold of. Her success story is evident through the work she has contributed to with the help of her company, like, for instance, this song called “El Cigarrillo” by the Artist Mandrake El Malocorita gained about 300,963 views. It was licensed to Youtube by InnerCat Music Group on behalf of Make Good Music. This is how most of the artists make hits if they trust the record station that Natalie has. Identifying as a dominant recording studio and label, Natalie acts as an inspiration for many young individuals looking forward to becoming a renowned name in their careers.

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